Monday, 25 February 2013

My 3 Secrets To Looking (Semi!) Decent Without Make-Up

Monday, 25 February 2013
Probably the only nice-ish picture of me without make-up!

Hey everyone!

Today's blog post is going to be quick and simple - I was originally going to be posting a make-up tutorial for my lips in yesterday's post, but because I left it too late in the day to take pictures, I had no natural daylight to use and so my camera had them coming out looking blurry and rubbish! So as for my lips tutorial, that might have to wait til later in the week.

Anyway, upon trawling through my old phone's pictures this evening, I stumbled upon this picture (above) and was quite surprised! Recently, I've been so fed up of my skin and the way my face looks without make-up, I'd been searching everywhere for ways to get it looking just a bit nicer without having to pile the make-up on. Then I remembered this photo, which I must of took around last September, with me not wearing any! It surprised me because I actually look okay-ish here - and I suddenly remembered these little things I did to get my skin and complexion looking much nicer, without the use of foundation or concealer, or anything like that.

So today I will share with you my top three tips on how to look your best au naturale! 

1. Fake tan!
Personally, for me, fake tan is my life-saver. It makes me look better almost instantly whenever I apply it, my body, my face, everything! I think it's because it gives your skin that lovely, healthy-looking glow, which then makes us look 10 times more attractive, and that's certainly the case with me. I know you're probably thinking "she doesn't look brown at all in that photo" and, well, I guess you're right, but it was only just developing and I distinctly remember putting it on that night! (I'm also a very pale-skinned girl naturally, so yes, I'm usually even whiter!)
So my number one rule is to slap that tan on - not too much, obviously, you don't want to look like a carrot, but just apply it very liberally over your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Use a wash-off one in case you're afraid it comes out too strong, and make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your entire face and hairline before applying.
I used St Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in Medium (usually cheap and well worth it!).
P.S If you can get a natural tan on your face.. even better!
(Lack of sunny weather in England and pale genes make this impossible for me)

2. Groom those eyebrows!
This may seem fairly obvious, but I think it dramatically improves the whole appearance of your face when you're not wearing make-up. Okay, I confess, I do actually have eyebrow pencil on here, so I'm slightly cheating with the whole 'no make-up' thing, but who cares! It works, and doesn't take long to do at all! 
I obviously plucked them first, so if you do anything make sure it's that - you want them to look neat and tidy, no stray hairs! And then really, the only reason I applied pencil was to get them looking darker and more refined - my eyebrows are quite sparse and light-brown coloured naturally so I kinda needed to, but if you have naturally dark eyebrows, feel free to skip this step!
I used Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph (£8.00) to fill in my brows and create a more defined shape, using light, feathery strokes with the taupe end, and using the highlighter end to smudge underneath the peak of my brow (the arch). I pretty much use this every time I do my eyebrows, so I swear by it, but any eyebrow pencil/highlighter will do!
Having your eyebrows looking great will open up your eyes so much more, making you look great too! :)

3. Angles and Lighting
Now, really this step is for people wanting to actually take nice pictures of themselves without make-up, or just nice full-face pictures altogether, but I really believe this method is probably just as crucial as the actual appearance of your face!
There are, generally, two main reasons as to why this photo came out looking good - one is lighting. Firstly, I took this on my old phone camera, so it's not a digital camera - it's not capturing every single little detail/imperfection on my skin! I also didn't have it set to flash, which is hugely important. If I had, it would of probably washed out my entire face, highlighted any spots, and just made me look plain weird! And lastly, I took this at night-time, with dim lighting coming from the other side of the bathroom. You don't want any harsh, bright, over-head lights, but you obviously don't want it extremely dark either, as it will likely just create unsightly shadows on random areas of your face. But as you can see, the lighting falls nicely on the left-side of my cheek, almost like highlighting my cheekbone!
So, obvious lesson - if you're taking natural pics, I would recommend not using daylight. I don't have perfect skin (in fact, quite the opposite) so light from outdoors will only make every blemish on your face visible to the camera!

And the second thing - angles!
I actually had two pictures like this on my phone, in the same setting, also not wearing make-up. The difference? One of them was of my face straight-on, and the other, as you can see, is with my face angled slightly to the left. This one came out looking so much better than the straight-on one, and it's a tip I've seen countless times for photo taking! When taking a picture of yourself, lift your chin up slightly, and position your head slightly to left, or whichever you think is your best side (I had more zits on the right side of my jaw, but it's actually been proven that the left side of our faces shows more emotion anyway, which is why we seem to find them more attractive!) and raise your eyebrows slightly, or 'smile with your eyes' as they say.
Next thing? Smile with your mouth
But not too harshly - figure out what your best smile looks like (I prefer to smile with my mouth closed on photos rather than big teethy grins) but anything that's slight and not too forced looks good! I think it's also a good idea to have your hair down when you're not wearing much make-up, I didn't really do anything to mine and it's a bit of a mess but I think it helps frame the face and makes you look less bland!
Oh, and one last thing - you can kinda see how my under-eye shadow is worse on the right side of my face, which is just one more reason I accentuated my left!

So, that's all there is to it really - if you're lucky and have enviable skin, you'll probably have no problem with getting away with the natural look, but if you're anything like me, let me know how it goes and whether these tips helped you!

Some other things I've read around the internet that can supposedly enhance your looks on days where you're skipping make-up is by curling your lashes with an eye-lash curler to, again, open up your eyes, and simply using lip balm to get your lips looking softer yet still natural at the same time.

What's something you do to get your skin looking it's best when you're baring it all?

Let me know in the comments!

*Photos taken by me using my Sony Ericsson Cybershot C905 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Today I'm Wearing..

Sunday, 24 February 2013
Good morning Stylicias!

I apologise for my lack of posting yesterday - I was out most of the day and didn't get back home until late so I didn't get the chance to write anything new, but I will make up for that day today!

For the moment, I'm considering taking weekends off and just writing new content from Monday-Friday, but   we'll see how things go for a while before I make any set decisisons. I'm thinking, eventually, I'll start adding stuff to my queue as well, so on those days where I can't find the time to write a new post, there will already be something waiting to go up!

Anyway, let's get on with today's post - really, this is what I wore yesterday, but as I'm still in bed in my pyjamas, I'll be using yesterday's outfit!! Haha.

Yesterday was just a typical Saturday out shopping, so for my outfit, I chose one of my favourite shirts - it's long-sleeved so pretty appropriate for colder weather, and because of it's sheer fabric, can be worn on summery days too! I love the leopard-print detail on it, as well - I have so many leopard print clothes I've lost count, but with the pockets at the front, the collar, and the sleeves, I think it really adds something nice to a simple white shirt!
For my bottoms, I'm just wearing my basic black leggings (should be a staple-piece in every woman's wardrobe, I think) and as well as being comfy, they can be worn with pretty much everything, which is why I'm wearing them 90% of the time! I tried to do something a bit different with this outfit, however - you can probably tell these leggings aren't high-waisted, but I tried to fake that look by tucking my shirt into them and pulling them up to my waist (note to self: add high-waist leggings to wish list!).

I'm also wearing my black/gold flats in this photo to show what I would normally wear with this kind of outfit - again, I'm wearing these pretty much all the time since they go with nearly everything! Haha.

So you can see the collar!
  • Long-Sleeved White/Leopard Print Sheer Shirt Select (I got this from Liverpool again but they do have a website). I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around £15!
  • Black Full-Length Leggings Next, received as a gift so I'm not aware of the price!
  • Black/Gold Pumps Tesco, £12.00 - Funny story about these shoes, last month a man on the train actually pointed out my shoes and thought they were the designer Tory Burch - the design of the gold detail on the shoe is very similar!
My shoe - uncanny to Tory Berch!

For accessories, I'm wearing:

  • Black Stud Ring Primark. I know, studs again, but I've had this one for ages and I love it! Can't remember the price but I don't think it was anymore than £2.00 :-)

Gorgeous, yup, you guessed it - spikey/stud bracelet! I received this as a birthday present last year and it looks amazing with everything!

  • Gold Spikes Bracelet Asos (obviously not aware of price!)

I had to include a picture of my lips for this post, too - they match my nails perfectly and look so pretty together!

I will be posting a make-up tutorial for my lips soon which I will link here,  and for the tutorial of my nails click here!

Hope you like today's post and outfit - let me know what you think!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Friday, 22 February 2013

Today I'm Wearing..

Friday, 22 February 2013

I love big, cosy jumpers for lazy days in or simple casual wear, and I almost always wear oversized sweaters with a pair of black leggings! I've got my 'pleather' wet-look ones on today, and whilst I can't move around in them as freely as a normal pair of leggings, I do love wearing them and the sleek look they can add to any outfit.
I also normally wouldn't wear this outfit with wedges for a casual day out, but I loved how the colour of these shoes matched perfectly to the jumper, and let's face it - high shoes can transform any outfit!
  • Mohair Cross Slouch Jumper £19.99 I actually bought mine from New Look, but it's available on the AX Paris website too!
  • Black Pleather Leggings I got these years ago as a gift, but they were from Tesco I think, though I'm sure you can get them almost anywhere now!
  • Studded Pink Boot-Style Wedges From New Look, reduced to £20.00 from £39.00

The classic trench coat is making a return again for Spring, and to be honest, it has always been one of my favourite styles. I've been wearing a blue/black checkered one from Debenhams every winter for the past few years and I absolutely love it! It's lasted me so long and is an absolute timeless design - but since Spring is approaching us, I decided to go for something less heavy, and I found this brown beauty at Select in Liverpool - I tried it on whilst I was there and just had to have it! It literally goes with everything, and while it's not warm enough in England to wear everyday yet, I'll be seeing it through to the summer. :-)

  • Brown Trench Coat £32.00, Select (I paid less with a 15% student discount!)

I also bought this gorgeous false leather studded handbag from Select along with the coat and I think the two go together perfectly. I have a bit of a thing for studs lately (hell, it's not my only studded item I own and it even matches my shoes) but I've been seeing these kind of bags everywhere and since I needed a new bag, wasted no time getting one! As well as being stylish, it's also very practical, with lots of space inside and plenty of compartments for all my bits.

  • Faux Leather Black/Gold Studded Handbag £14, Select

Oh look, what have we were - studs again! I am officially obsessed, haha! My finishing touch to match the bag and shoes - you can't go wrong with accessories.
  • Gold Stud Ring Primark, not sure I can remember the price but I think it was around £2.00.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Essie Nails Review - Not Just A Pretty Face

After hearing about the well-known nail polish brand Essie for quite some time (I've seen countless pictures of the stuff on tumblr and pinterest) I'd never actually given it much thought. I've always thought the nails accompanied by this polish in pictures looked pretty, but I'd never considered actually buying the stuff until today.I got a coupon from Boots mailed to me in the post a few weeks ago, with a leaflet 'unveiling' the launch of Essie in their stores - I don't think anywhere else sells them in the U.K, as originally they were only available in American and online, but I was quite intrigued as soon as I saw the selection of gorgeous colours they had to offer.

So today, I went into my local Boots store and used my £2 off voucher to buy one for myself - the usual price for these nail lacquer's are actually £7.99, so not exactly cheap and not what I would usually spend on a polish - but god, they are so worth the price!

I finally understand the hype over this nail brand - there's something about the way the it glides on smoothly over your nails, and gives off a gorgeous, rich, shiny colour. You can tell instantly that it's much better quality for your money than cheaper brands, and there is just so much choice of colours to choose from - I was slightly overwhelmed by them all in fact, that I just went safe and for my usual option of some shade of pink!

I picked the colour 'Not Just a Pretty Face' and the colour pretty much matches the bottle exactly - which is rare in nail polishes, I've noticed. They usually always end up looking a different colour once I've actually painted it on my nails, but not this one! It's a cute, light, pale, almost baby pink, but as the name gives away - super pretty!

Below I will describe a step-by-step tutorial for how I acheived this look, and list any other products I used (base coat, top coat etc):

  • Apply a base coat before painting on the colour - I used Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat. I actually just got this last Saturday at B&M for £1.99 (bargain!) and I am so impressed with it - it makes your nails look ten times shinier as a top coat and works as a perfect base under the colour too.

  • Allow the base coat to dry, then apply 1-2 coats of colour - preferably, I add 2 coats just to get a deeper colour. 
  • Push the brush down the middle of the nail using downward strokes, towards the cuticle, but not right to the end of it. Repeat this for both sides of the nail - this allows you to get a more clean and precise paint job and stops the colour from getting everywhere on your finger!
  • No need to wait for the paint to dry until you apply your second coat of polish - go ahead and do it for both hands, then allow to dry before you apply your top coat.
*Tip: A good way to get your nails to dry faster is to run your fingers under the cold tap for at few seconds - no idea why this works, but it has for me and speeds up the process! The main thing you can do to prevent ruining them, though, is just avoid touching anything for at least 10 minutes (hard, I know. I'm impatient and make this mistake all the time!)

  • Finish with another coat of the Base & Top Coat, or whatever top coat you wish to use. Allow to dry again and voila! Your nails are complete. If you aren't quite satisifed and want your nails shinier, feel free to repeat adding another coat of the top coat as needed.

Photos taken by me.

Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat £4.35, Amazon

What are your favourite colours from the Essie collection? I'd love to try Penny Talk  and Leading Lady!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Monochrome Beauty is Here! - Review

Thursday, 21 February 2013
Good evening stylicias!

I'm happy to say that the monochrome midi dress I ordered from AX Paris (as seen in Tuesday's post) finally arrived today - I tried it on earlier and I have to say, I am so happy with it!

First off - let me apologise for the bad quality of some of these pictures! When I'm taking mirror pictures I have to use my blackberry without the flash - if I take the flash off my digital camera it ends up blurry, and if I try to take a good mirror photo with it on, well.. I'm sure you can see what happens!

Dirty mirror plus camera flash - not a good combo!

The back
While I was trying to put the dress on, I admit I was actually scared it would rip - it's a pretty tight dress, and I definitely got the right size, but I think it's supposed to be quite snug - once it's on it fits nicely and is actually quite flattering!

It's 100% polyester so it's a pretty soft, comfy material, and I think very ideal for spring/summer. I can definitely see myself bringing this with me on any holidays abroad this year - I'm hoping it will actually be warm enough in England at some point for me to wear it outside, too!!

I think it would look cute with a nice pair of pumps or gladiator sandals, but, in my opinion, the only way you're gonna get the most out of this dress is by pairing it with some gorgeous heels or wedges - I'm not a tall girl (I stand at 5 ft 4) so a pair of high shoes would really make this dress so much more flattering and no doubt elongate my figure.

Overall I really like the diversity of this dress - you could wear it for so many things, casual in the daytime by teaming with flats and a cute leather jacket, and then again for evening wear/nights out by switching to heels and adding accessories like chunky bracelets - the possibilities are endless!

The only flaws with this dress, I would say, is firstly the difficulty of actually getting it on (not an easy task!) and the fact it is a little bit too see-through, which you may be able to tell! I had a white bra on in these photos so that was fine, but make sure you aren't wearing bright pink or very black knickers - it will show!

Photos taken by me - I'm wearing:

Let me know what you think!



Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rihanna's Collection for River Island - Sexy and Seductive or Fashion Gone Too Far?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

If you're even the slightest bit interested in fashion and have been on the twittersphere the past few days, then you'll know that River Island have unveiled a brand new collection for their high street stores - from none other than the stylish and talented Rihanna!

When I first heard that one of my favourite singers would be working with one of my favourite fashion stores,  I immediately got excited and have been anticipated to see the star's designs.

Rihanna has been a huge style and beauty icon for me for quite some time - I've always admired her vibrant, daring taste in fashion, and her ever-changing hairstyles have never failed to impress me (why can't our hair by gorgeous 24/7?!).

Her range has plenty of diversity for Spring 2013 - from denim's, bold prints, colour-popping yellows and daring dark shades - it's clear these pieces have been designed with inspiration from Rihanna's own wardrobe. See images below for just a taster of designs from the collection that will be available to buy in store and online from March 5th.

Since their release, the choice of designs in this collection have so far caused quite a controversy (it's easy to see why!). Rihanna has been famous for her revealing, risky outfits on and off stage since the beginning of her career, but upon the unveiling of her Spring collection for the popular and well-loved fashion chain River Island, it's evident that the designs haven't appealed to everyone's tastes. Comments on the River Island website revealing the worldwide singer's collection haven't been in her favour, as readers express their distaste to the "trashy and unclassy" outfits. I can't help but agree with some of the reader's comments - the 'grunge' style is one thing, but what woman wants to be seen in what looks like fishnet rags revealing a bit too much nipple?

I'm hoping for Rihanna's sake that she comes back with a more promising collection for the future, or at least some of the pieces sell well - I don't mind some of the designs, the side-split black dress for instance is beautiful and elegant (with some sort of bra on!) but, despite this collection not getting a good reception, you can't deny that Rihanna has frocked some pretty impressive outfits over the years - here are my ultimate favourites!

her dress!
Annual Grammy Awards 2013

After debuting her clothing line at London Fashion Week, Rihanna went out and partied with model Cara Delevinge along side her longtime best friend Melissa Forde at The Box in London wearing one of her dresses she designed for Rihanna for River Island that is set to launch next month. Rihanna completed her look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals, Kentshire diamond necklace including a black jacket by Trapstar.
Update: Rihanna has on Retro Super’s Classic Francis sunglasses — credit to our friend over at Haus of Rihanna.

What's your thoughts on Rihanna for River Island?



Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hot Spring Trends - Magnificent Monochrome

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spring is officially here, and with a new season, comes fresh fashion trends - we're talking precision whites and light lacey fabrics, pretty florals, split-skirts, and of course - monochrome!

I've been seeing bold patterns of black-and-white everywhere, and I love the variety of striking yet simple designs flooding our high streets.

Checks have been a popular print featured on runways, and it's easy to see how trends are being merged together to create something amazing - as well as colourful squares creating a bouncy feel to the Spring season, monochrome has also been used to give these outfits that extra edge.

As well as checked designs making an appearance for spring 2013, it's obvious that stripes will be making an equally striking return. Vertical, horizontal, zig-zag, colourful, monochrome - you can pick to suit your fancy!

Upon my assumingly many hours spent browsing clothes online, I recently found the perfect monochrome midi dress for this season - it's a pretty simple design of horizontal black stripes over cream fabric and a high-neck detail, but I love it. I'm not someone to go for very 'out-there' items with unusual patterns that grab everybody's attention (not sure I could pull it off!) so this dress is perfect for me, and I think it will be a staple piece in my wardrobe for a long time. :-)

I ordered this dress from AX Paris for £17.35 (including p&p) and also got a 20% off discount for my first purchase! (Dress is originally £18.00)

I think the dress - and the trend of monochrome itself - is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait to wear it. I'm sure pictures will soon follow!

What's your favourite trend this season?



*Magazine photos taken by me, from Vogue Spring/Summer 2013 issue

Welcome to Emilicia Style!


This is my first post on, and I have to say, I'm very excited to see how this blog will evolve!

Over the past year, I originally just had my personal blog,, as some people will have seen before, with posts mainly about my life and feelings in general. It's one of those 'I'll rant about whatever I feel like' kind of blogs - and I like it that way!

For 2013, however, I wanted to try something different. On my most recent post on that blog, I stated how I would like to introduce some new things to what I would usually post - instead of things about my personal life, I would write specifically beauty and fashion related posts, maybe even some featuring photos of my own style.

It's took me until February to get anywhere with that decision, but I'm happy to say that I have finally reached one, and instead of just adding random bits and bobs of fashion and beauty things to an otherwise very personal blog, I decided to create a new one instead - specifically just for those things! I figured since the first blog is very personal and something I like to keep relatively private, I wanted this style blog to reach a wider audience and gain more popularity, and felt I would be more comfortable this way. :-)

It's still a deviation from the first though, however - since I was stuck on names, I decided to use the original one of 'Emilicia' and stick 'STYLE' on the end - genius, I know. ;-)

So, what can you expect to see on my blog? Well, as I'm sort of going to be giving it a 'test run' to start with, a whole bunch of mixed things I bet. There'll be posts where I'll talk about fashion in general and the latest trends I'm loving, possibly links from my Polyvore of fashion sets I've created and items I've spotted on Fashiolista. Beauty wise, I'm no make-up expert, but I would say I have a good bit of knowledge worth sharing - I've taught myself everything I know but I'm still learning! As they say, teach and learn, learn and teach.
Style-wise, I'll definitely be posting about things I'm interested in, but may also include photos of my own clothes too. I don't dress like a supermodel everyday (who can be bothered, really?) but I do have some nice things! I'll also consider taking photos of my friend's wardrobes - I love the uniqueness of people's style, and my best friend definitely has good taste! ;-)

So, I have quite a lot planned for me to try out in the next month or so - I say this is a trial thing as I want to see how well it goes and how much I'll enjoy it - but I'm quite hopeful I will.

So stay posted and I'll be updating again soon! :)


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