Friday, 22 February 2013

Essie Nails Review - Not Just A Pretty Face

Friday, 22 February 2013

After hearing about the well-known nail polish brand Essie for quite some time (I've seen countless pictures of the stuff on tumblr and pinterest) I'd never actually given it much thought. I've always thought the nails accompanied by this polish in pictures looked pretty, but I'd never considered actually buying the stuff until today.I got a coupon from Boots mailed to me in the post a few weeks ago, with a leaflet 'unveiling' the launch of Essie in their stores - I don't think anywhere else sells them in the U.K, as originally they were only available in American and online, but I was quite intrigued as soon as I saw the selection of gorgeous colours they had to offer.

So today, I went into my local Boots store and used my £2 off voucher to buy one for myself - the usual price for these nail lacquer's are actually £7.99, so not exactly cheap and not what I would usually spend on a polish - but god, they are so worth the price!

I finally understand the hype over this nail brand - there's something about the way the it glides on smoothly over your nails, and gives off a gorgeous, rich, shiny colour. You can tell instantly that it's much better quality for your money than cheaper brands, and there is just so much choice of colours to choose from - I was slightly overwhelmed by them all in fact, that I just went safe and for my usual option of some shade of pink!

I picked the colour 'Not Just a Pretty Face' and the colour pretty much matches the bottle exactly - which is rare in nail polishes, I've noticed. They usually always end up looking a different colour once I've actually painted it on my nails, but not this one! It's a cute, light, pale, almost baby pink, but as the name gives away - super pretty!

Below I will describe a step-by-step tutorial for how I acheived this look, and list any other products I used (base coat, top coat etc):

  • Apply a base coat before painting on the colour - I used Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat. I actually just got this last Saturday at B&M for £1.99 (bargain!) and I am so impressed with it - it makes your nails look ten times shinier as a top coat and works as a perfect base under the colour too.

  • Allow the base coat to dry, then apply 1-2 coats of colour - preferably, I add 2 coats just to get a deeper colour. 
  • Push the brush down the middle of the nail using downward strokes, towards the cuticle, but not right to the end of it. Repeat this for both sides of the nail - this allows you to get a more clean and precise paint job and stops the colour from getting everywhere on your finger!
  • No need to wait for the paint to dry until you apply your second coat of polish - go ahead and do it for both hands, then allow to dry before you apply your top coat.
*Tip: A good way to get your nails to dry faster is to run your fingers under the cold tap for at few seconds - no idea why this works, but it has for me and speeds up the process! The main thing you can do to prevent ruining them, though, is just avoid touching anything for at least 10 minutes (hard, I know. I'm impatient and make this mistake all the time!)

  • Finish with another coat of the Base & Top Coat, or whatever top coat you wish to use. Allow to dry again and voila! Your nails are complete. If you aren't quite satisifed and want your nails shinier, feel free to repeat adding another coat of the top coat as needed.

Photos taken by me.

Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base & Top Coat £4.35, Amazon

What are your favourite colours from the Essie collection? I'd love to try Penny Talk  and Leading Lady!

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