Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Monochrome Beauty is Here! - Review

Thursday, 21 February 2013
Good evening stylicias!

I'm happy to say that the monochrome midi dress I ordered from AX Paris (as seen in Tuesday's post) finally arrived today - I tried it on earlier and I have to say, I am so happy with it!

First off - let me apologise for the bad quality of some of these pictures! When I'm taking mirror pictures I have to use my blackberry without the flash - if I take the flash off my digital camera it ends up blurry, and if I try to take a good mirror photo with it on, well.. I'm sure you can see what happens!

Dirty mirror plus camera flash - not a good combo!

The back
While I was trying to put the dress on, I admit I was actually scared it would rip - it's a pretty tight dress, and I definitely got the right size, but I think it's supposed to be quite snug - once it's on it fits nicely and is actually quite flattering!

It's 100% polyester so it's a pretty soft, comfy material, and I think very ideal for spring/summer. I can definitely see myself bringing this with me on any holidays abroad this year - I'm hoping it will actually be warm enough in England at some point for me to wear it outside, too!!

I think it would look cute with a nice pair of pumps or gladiator sandals, but, in my opinion, the only way you're gonna get the most out of this dress is by pairing it with some gorgeous heels or wedges - I'm not a tall girl (I stand at 5 ft 4) so a pair of high shoes would really make this dress so much more flattering and no doubt elongate my figure.

Overall I really like the diversity of this dress - you could wear it for so many things, casual in the daytime by teaming with flats and a cute leather jacket, and then again for evening wear/nights out by switching to heels and adding accessories like chunky bracelets - the possibilities are endless!

The only flaws with this dress, I would say, is firstly the difficulty of actually getting it on (not an easy task!) and the fact it is a little bit too see-through, which you may be able to tell! I had a white bra on in these photos so that was fine, but make sure you aren't wearing bright pink or very black knickers - it will show!

Photos taken by me - I'm wearing:

Let me know what you think!



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