Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rihanna's Collection for River Island - Sexy and Seductive or Fashion Gone Too Far?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

If you're even the slightest bit interested in fashion and have been on the twittersphere the past few days, then you'll know that River Island have unveiled a brand new collection for their high street stores - from none other than the stylish and talented Rihanna!

When I first heard that one of my favourite singers would be working with one of my favourite fashion stores,  I immediately got excited and have been anticipated to see the star's designs.

Rihanna has been a huge style and beauty icon for me for quite some time - I've always admired her vibrant, daring taste in fashion, and her ever-changing hairstyles have never failed to impress me (why can't our hair by gorgeous 24/7?!).

Her range has plenty of diversity for Spring 2013 - from denim's, bold prints, colour-popping yellows and daring dark shades - it's clear these pieces have been designed with inspiration from Rihanna's own wardrobe. See images below for just a taster of designs from the collection that will be available to buy in store and online from March 5th.

Since their release, the choice of designs in this collection have so far caused quite a controversy (it's easy to see why!). Rihanna has been famous for her revealing, risky outfits on and off stage since the beginning of her career, but upon the unveiling of her Spring collection for the popular and well-loved fashion chain River Island, it's evident that the designs haven't appealed to everyone's tastes. Comments on the River Island website revealing the worldwide singer's collection haven't been in her favour, as readers express their distaste to the "trashy and unclassy" outfits. I can't help but agree with some of the reader's comments - the 'grunge' style is one thing, but what woman wants to be seen in what looks like fishnet rags revealing a bit too much nipple?

I'm hoping for Rihanna's sake that she comes back with a more promising collection for the future, or at least some of the pieces sell well - I don't mind some of the designs, the side-split black dress for instance is beautiful and elegant (with some sort of bra on!) but, despite this collection not getting a good reception, you can't deny that Rihanna has frocked some pretty impressive outfits over the years - here are my ultimate favourites!

her dress!
Annual Grammy Awards 2013

After debuting her clothing line at London Fashion Week, Rihanna went out and partied with model Cara Delevinge along side her longtime best friend Melissa Forde at The Box in London wearing one of her dresses she designed for Rihanna for River Island that is set to launch next month. Rihanna completed her look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals, Kentshire diamond necklace including a black jacket by Trapstar.
Update: Rihanna has on Retro Super’s Classic Francis sunglasses — credit to our friend over at Haus of Rihanna.

What's your thoughts on Rihanna for River Island?




  1. What was she thinking!! The yellow dress without the strange tied jacket look is nice but I can't help think her designs would have been more tasteful if she'd have given her models something called a 'bra'. As for the first outfit, well what can I say, jeans on jeans! A big no no!

  2. I didn't even notice the jeans on jeans one at first - you're right, seems like they're running out of ideas!!

    But yeah I agree with you, yellow dress ain't bad, but really there's no excuse for no bra's!


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