Saturday, 9 March 2013

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

Saturday, 9 March 2013
Hi Stylicias!

How's your Friday been?

Mine's not been too bad - aside from procrastinating and not really getting any work done from college today, I did spend tonight at the pub and it was fun to just let my hair down and get out the house for a while!!

So, just a quick note to tell you about the 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards - it's my first time hearing about these awards, but since I'm a new fashion blogger, I'm excited to tell you all that I have entered and nominated my own blog!

There are many categories to which you can nominate your own blog or another favourite blog of yours (best fashion blog, best use of photographs, best designed etc) but since my blog is less than a year old, I decided to try my luck at the Best Personal Style Newcomer Award!

I think my blog has been doing pretty well since it's release - I've had over 600 views already in the space of the last two weeks, a variety of comments on my posts, a stable and growing following so far, and positive feedback on my personal style posts - so obviously the award, or to even be nominated, would mean a huge lot to me!

If you like my blog and think I deserve it, I would hugely appreciate it if you supported me! You can nominate me here and remember to nominate me for the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer category.

If you do vote for me, make sure you let me know in the comments, and I will be extremely thankful! (If you need any help with voting or competitions, I will be happy to return the favour :-D)

Thanks so much guys! Wish me luck and have a fab weekend! xo


  1. Hmmm I haven't heard of this before either! But I'll have to check it out :)

    Just started following, I'd really love it if you'd check out my blog and possibly follow back :)

  2. Hi Emily!

    It sounds awesome doesn't it - I can't think of a better way to get your blog noticed than being nominated for an award like that haha!!

    Thank you so much for following and commenting - I've just checked out your blog, it's fab, so I've followed you back :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Emily x

  3. all the best for the awards :)


  4. Hi Bianca!

    Thanks so much lovely, and thanks for commenting!

    Have a fab day :)

    Emily x

  5. You've got my vote hunny bunch!
    Keep'em coming folks!

  6. Aww thanks Rhian, and thanks for commenting!!

    Have a fab week :-)

    Emily x

  7. I enjoyed the visit to your blog. Great posts.Visit :-

  8. Voted for you sweetie!

    If i could be cheeky could I ask you guys to check out my blog?
    and nominate me for best teenage blogger, thanks! xo

  9. Hi Charmaine -

    Thanks so much for voting for me! Of course I will, I wouldn't mind at all!

    Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day :-)

    Emily x


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