Friday, 15 March 2013

Hair Inspiration: Beautiful, Bouncy Curls

Friday, 15 March 2013

Evening Stylicias!

It's very late at the moment in England (midnight, in fact) so I didn't acheive my goal in getting a blog post out today (Thursday) - I've been so preoccupied with college work and other things that I just haven't had the time! Technically though, my settings on here are still in the American time zone, so it will say I've written this post on Thursday, even though I didn't.. I can get away with it for now!

Note to self: Change to correct timezone!

Anyway, I know I haven't been writing posts daily this week, but that's because I've had a change of plan, more or less. Instead of desperately trying to get a post out everyday, no matter how busy I am, I'm just going to write a few times a week when I know I have the time, or until I can work out a proper blogging schedule. I have a good reason for this, though - I figured, rather than rushing a blog post and trying to find just anything to write about, it would be better for me to spend time on one so I can put more thought and effort into it. For me, I think it's more important to have good content than hundreds of thoughtless posts, and as they say - quality over quantity!

So, tonight's post - I was inspired by this picture I saw on Facebook tonight from the GHD fanpage. I'm not sure who the picture belongs to, but apparently the woman in the photo achieved this look through GHD straighteners. I don't use GHD's anymore since mine broke a couple years ago, but even then I struggled with trying to use them as curlers, so I've no idea how she's done it - but I think these type of curls are so beautiful, and I'm determined to teach myself how to get the same look!

Bouncy barrel curls are just stunning, and I think it's one of those hair trends that is never going to die. Pretty, sexy, and fun all in one - it's impossible not to love!

Here are some extra pictures of inspiring curly hair I found on Pinterest - enjoy!

Also, check out this tutorial on creating this look with your GHD Stylers!

What's your favourite type of curl? Let me know in the comments!

Have an awesome Friday everyone!


  1. I dont have much time either, I do whatI can. But to go back and checking out my reader's blog is important for me to do, give them of suports as they do to me..btw, I enjoying watch the Video, and try my own. Thanks for the post and your sweet commented on my blog darling. xx


  2. thanks for your comment! followed back :)
    the last curls are my favorite. but i think all are quiet similar, but the last ones are the best :)
    wish u a nice weekend

  3. I like the second one...It's so sexy...♥♥♥ Don't you think so??

    Especially the hair is at the waist length....♥♥


  4. Tanya -
    Aww thanks lovely, you're amazing! I'm going to try out the tutorial when I can too! Thanks for commenting sweetie :-)

    Rotschopf -
    I agree, I think I like the last one best too - there's something about the colour and texture of her hair that's just gorgeous. And you're very welcome - thank you for commenting!

    Alison -
    Definitely!! My hair's long, but I wish it was waist length like that. It'd be ideal! Thanks for commenting :-D

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Emily x

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. All of those hairstyles are amazing! Makes me really wish I didnt cut my hair! Great start to your blog!

  7. @Breakfast at Vogue-

    I know what you mean - I have long hair but it's nowhere near that kinda length - think extensions might be in order!! Haha

    Thank you so much lovely, and thanks for commenting :-)

    Emily x


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