Thursday, 28 March 2013

How To: The Top Knot/Cone Bun Hairstyle

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hey everyone!

How's your Thursday going? For me, it's officially the Easter holidays now, so that's two weeks off to spend stuffing my face with boxes of chocolate eggs I'll (hopefully) be getting for Easter - yay!

Apart from that, I do have a ton of work and revision to do from college, but I'm not letting that spoil my mood. I feel fantastic today because the sun is shining, and with Easter approaching it means I have another excuse to eat chocolate - how can I complain?

Anyhoo, I got inspired to try this hairstyle yesterday after watching a tutorial on the FoxyLocksExtensions YouTube channel. It's called the Top Knot/Cone Bun, and well, it's pretty easy to see why (the cone shaped bun) but it's probably one of the most popular hairstyles around at the moment. I've seen it everywhere and always wanted to try it, most of the time not exactly succeeding  but finally, yesterday I figured out how to do it, so I thought I would show you all the pictures of how it looks on me and the steps it takes to achieve. Enjoy!

Here's my summary on the video tutorial above:

            1. First, I straightened my hair to try and get rid of any curly bumps/frizz. 

2. Then, to make your top knot a little thicker and to provide a bit of support (imagine your bun needing something to 'sit' on), I created a little ponytail at the top of my head with a small section of hair. 

3. This step is optional, but it does help to clip in at least two pieces of extensions around where you placed the ponytail. Then secure in place - this helps to hide the ponytail and make the top bun extra thick.

4. You then want to gather all your hair up into a very high ponytail at the top of your head (may help to tip your head upside down whilst doing this) and brush any stray hairs (and to avoid bumpiness!) back into the ponytail with your hairbrush.

5. Secure the ponytail in place with a bobble that matches your hair colour, then with the hair in the ponytail, begin to wrap all of the hair all the way around the base of where the bobble is.

Don't forget - you want the bun to resemble a cone shape, so bear that in mind when wrapping. The higher the better!

6. Once you have your bun in place and in the shape you want, start securing the bottom of the bun where the ends of the hair will be with hair grips. You may find you need to wrap little strands of hair around once more, and keep adding grips to any more stray pieces!

Though it's generally quick to do if you're lucky and have hair like the girl in the video, if you're anything like me with fly-away hair with a mind of it's own, this will take patience! I had to use about a billion grips for the bottom of my hair and sides as well as the bun to get it all to stay in place, so take your time haha.

And that's it! Here are my end results:

The back :)

I really love this hairstyle because it's so simple and easy to achieve, and I'm sure with practice, will eventually take very little time to do. I don't think I did too badly with mine, considering yesterday was my first real try, but I'll keep trying this when I fancy an 'up-do' day. In fact, it's perfect for those casual, 'can't be bothered' days too!

Oh, and another thing - you may of noticed that the hair colour in my bun looks two-toned - and the reason for this, I think, is because of the dark brown coloured extensions I added. They're the only extensions I have since I didn't used to have ombre hair, but I really like the look it creates - if you wanted to try this with your own hair, use a different coloured extension piece from your own hair colour and see what interesting kind of bun you get! Obviously not all of the brown hair in the bun is my extension, though, so this would probably work with most ombre hair styles.

To give it even more staying power, I spritzed my entire head with Gum Hair Salon Expertise Flexi Professional Hairspray, smoothed a bit of Charles Worthington 'Takeaways' On The Go Hair Serum on my fly-aways, and finished with a spray of Lee Stafford Non-Greasy Shine Spray.

Hope you all enjoyed today's post - what do you think of the hairstyle? Let me know in the comments! 

Have an awesome week!


  1. I just love the hair bun! Looks perfect on you!
    Following on bloglovin and gfc :)

    SHE WALKS Blog

    1. Hi Ester-

      Aww thank you so much doll - and thanks for following and commenting! I've followed you back on both :-)

      Have a lovely day!

      Emily x

  2. Hi Emily, You look gorgeous with the beautiful make up and the the hair do. I didn't have time to follow and answered the Link that your kindly recommended me to. I apologies for that lovely.


    1. Hi Tanya-

      Aww thank you so much - and don't worry about it lovely!

      Thanks for your sweet comment and have a fab day :-)

      Emily x

  3. This looks soooo cute on you! Like a little caramel delight ;D nicely done! I thought I'd have a go after reading this and it sure was fun to do, I'll send you a pic and you can tell me how I got on! Top photies btw, you look lovely! X

  4. rhiangelica

    Aww thanks lubby!! Caramel delight LMFAO perfect way to describe it! Ooo how did it go?! I'd love to see the pictures!

    And thanks again :-D have a fab week!

    Emily x

  5. Thanks for the Tutorial, it looks good.
    I Like your Blog. I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on “GFC” and bloglovin?

    1. Hi there!

      You are very welcome - I hope it was helpful to you :-) Thanks so much lovely! Of course, I'll check out your blog right now.

      Thanks for dropping by and have a lovely day!

      Emily x


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