Friday, 29 March 2013

Miss Friday's Fab Fridays: What I Loved This Week #3

Friday, 29 March 2013

The Easter Holidays have officially begun, and I am more than excited to devour myself in chocolaty goodness on the 31st of March  - just one more day to go! This week was my last week of college,which involved cramming a lot of  last-minute information into my brain for revision and homework which is bound to keep me busy for these next two weeks. I have upcoming exams in May and June, so it's vital I get as much studying done while I have the free time - can't guarantee an awful lot's going to happen though, since I want to be out and about whilst I can enjoying this freedom, but as they say - do what you love. I'm making it my mission, despite my circumstances, to do more of what I love everyday. To do what I love for a living. It's my number one aim in life, and in my opinion, the road to happiness. What do you love to do? Are you doing these things everyday? Why the hell not?!

Here are my highlights from the past week...

Snapshot 1 Kurt Geiger's Mid Season Sale - Yep, that's right, they have a sale! Unfortunately I can't afford any of their gorgeous shoes right now, but they're still nice to admire through the shop window. I might treat myself to a pair for my birthday.. Snapshot 2 Today we had a nice bit of sun for a change, so my family and I went to walk the dogs in this lovely park in Leigh. I thought this was a stunning view of the sun reflecting off the river, so I had to take a picture and savour the brief moment of sunshine! Snapshot 3 Comfy socks - On Tuesday, I had to wear 3 pairs of socks to even fit in my size 6 trainers. I had two on at first and they were still sloppy, so I went into Primark and got this lovely set of 3 - they're seriously comfy and cute looking considering how cheap they were! Snapshot 4 Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion - Summer may not be here yet, but we haven't had much of a Spring either, so I've been forcing myself to apply this gradual tanner as an attempt to cheer myself up despite the weather - I'm refusing to remain white any longer! Snapshot 5 I finally got round to buying a matching glasses case to my sunglasses! Also from Primark for only £2,  I love the Aztec pattern and purse-style latch on this. Snapshot 6 This photo from Tumblr - Serendipity is, in other words, the 'occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way'. Sometimes, we just need to stop planning ahead, stop fretting about the future and how things must go perfectly, and just be. The best things in life happen unexpectedly. This great article on overcoming shyness for good - I've struggled with shyness ever since I was a little girl, and if you too identify yourself as shy, you'll know how much it can hold you back from doing what you want in life. Take action now and banish the shy within! Stressed? Put on some relaxing music and listen to Rainy Mood - I love listening to the sound of rain and have always found it instantly calming, and now there's a website to recreate the feeling! You are welcome. This brilliant idea of 'Nail Polish Filled Easter Eggs' - If you're looking for the perfect Easter gift for a girl (that excludes chocolate eggs) give this gift idea a try. I know I'd love it!The return of my interior design blog - It had been inactive since last summer, but this week I finally got round to updating a new post. I'm looking forward to posting more and making it as good as this one!

So that's what I'm loving this week, everyone - what's made your week brilliant?

Hope you all enjoyed today's post, and have an amazing Easter weekend!!


  1. Do what you love, I couldn't agree more. Ho Emily, I followed you back on bloglovin, I just got a mins who followed me, I followed your GFC also, to keep in touch and support each other. ox

    Happy weekend darling. kisses


  2. aw the view on the second shot is amazing :> kind of jealous! and i totally agree with the sentence on the top, do what you love is really the best thing you could to. but sometimes quiet hard! :>
    wish u happy easter, enjoy few days off!! :)

  3. Tanya-

    Thanks so much for following back! I'm glad you agree with the 'do what you love' thing.. it's so important and something we should all live by!

    Hope you have a great weekend lovely :-)Thanks for commenting!


    Aww thank you! I wish I'd brought a better camera with me to take the picture (my blackberry doesn't do it much justice haha) but we were very lucky to get such a nice day!

    You're right, too - somehow managing to do what you love every day can be difficult as we get caught up in everyday life, but we can narrow it down to the little things. Maybe it's a cup of a tea, a good book, or a bubble bath - incorporating these things into my daily life makes me happy :-)

    Hope you have an amazing Easter too, and thanks for commenting!

    Emily x


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