Friday, 1 March 2013

NUDE Lips: Make-Up Tutorial!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Hey guys!

First thing's first, let me start off this post by saying sorry for the lack of new posts this week - with college on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I get back home quite late (night classes start at 6pm) and so I'm usually busy the entire day and feel knackered by the time I do get home, which explains why I hadn't posted anything since Monday! As for yesterday, there was a lot of drama at home and family issues I had to deal with, so barely got a moment to myself but things are back to normal today (hopefully) and I'm back to blogging!

(P.S - I'll be making sure to schedule new posts for Tuesday and Wednesday next week, so you should definitely be getting something next time)

Anyway, on to the point of today's post - it's something I've been long off-putting since the end of last week due to my poor camera close-up skills, but here it is - my nude lips tutorial following my make-up from Sunday's post!

Before I begin, let me also apologise for the not-so-great quality of the picture I've used - I've grown impatient with my camera, and until I can master the photo taking skills of make-up shots, I've had to resort to my phone camera for this one..

So basically, this make-up tutorial is really simple, and I only needed to use 3 products to achieve this look. Even though it looks quite pink, it's my idea of a 'nude lip' - it's pretty, but basic at the same time, and I tend to do this with my lips often for a laid-back, everyday make-up look. It's not too striking for the daytime but is still a lovely colour, and really easy to do, so read on for my step-by-step technique!

Begin by applying a moisturising lip balm 

At the moment, I'm using Nivea Pearly Shine - I actually bought this thinking it was a clear lip balm, so was quite surprised to see it was pink - but don't be fooled! The colour does not go on to your lips really strong - if anything, it's just a tint of colour, and the main result you get is gorgeous, shiny lips! I usually put this on even when I'm not wearing make-up, just because it keeps my lips hydrated and tastes lovely, but it works as the perfect base for lipgloss/lipstick, or on it's own! 

Side note: It's always a good idea to exfoliate your lips before applying any lip colour - I just use a toothbrush with warm water in circular motions to do mine, but you can buy products specifically for this!

You can buy Nivea Pearly Shine from Boots, £2.29, but it should be available in most drugstores.

♥ Time for colour - Apply the lipstick! 

For this specific look, I used a very nude lip colour - preferably VIVO Lipstick in 'Barely There' Shade 8. I only discovered this lip brand not long ago in the make-up section of Tesco, and I don't know of anywhere else that sells it, but I'm guessing it's fairly new! They're not a bad make-up brand at all though, and the great thing is they're also really affordable - all lipsticks are only £1.99!! Not only do I love the colour of this particular one, but it's seriously good value for money, as it makes my lips feel so soft compared to other brands (these actually glide on easier than any of my Barry M lipsticks) so I would highly recommend! :-) (On it's own, the colour is definitely a more brown, subtle shade of nude, but with the lip balm, it creates this lovely pink colour, which is why I love it)

Yay for chipped nails..
Without the flash of my camera

♥ Finishing Touch - Add Lip Gloss 

The last thing you can do to really increase the shine and glossiness of your lips is, of course, the obvious - lip gloss! I usually always add lip gloss on top of lipstick, not only to get it looking shinier, but as a way to make my lips look fuller. I use Rimmel London 'Royal Gloss' in 801 Gourmet just on the center of my lips - you really don't need an awful lot of this, in fact I always end up squeezing out too much (!) but because of it's quite thick, gooey consistency, you'll find you only really need a minimal amount. But the end result works - optimal shine and again, a delicious sweet taste!

I prefer clear lip glosses but they come in a range of different shades, and are only £3.99 from most supermarkets/drugstores.

A swatch of all the colours - starting from left to right: Nivea Pearly Shine, Vivo Barely There Lipstick, Royal Gloss in Gourmet
So that's pretty much all there is to it! I think another great thing about this look is that it can easily be recreated with other brands - whatever your make-up collection looks like, you're bound to have similar colours to these when it comes to your lips, and it barely takes two minutes!

I don't bother blotting this lipstick afterwards, but I do purse my lips together once I'm done, just to blend the lip gloss into the colour :-)

I hope you enjoyed today's post and my first proper make-up tutorial - what do you think of the 'nude' lip? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a great weekend and happy Friday!

*Photos taken by me - Nail colour is Essie in 'Not Just A Pretty Face'


  1. Mmm Lushicles! Love it! Nice to see I'm not the only one who does the exfoliating with the toothbrush trick.

  2. Aw thanks Rhian! I know yeah, it's such a good trick, really works!! Haha

    Emily x


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