Monday, 25 March 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Blue Lace Beauty

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hey guys!

I know it's late, and I know it's only just the beginning of the week, but I'm here to brighten up your Monday with a bit of cobalt blue!
This post was made as a request from Tanya at who wanted to see this beautiful blue dress in full-length pictures - so here it is 

I bought the dress online from a shop I'd never actually heard of before until I 'stumbled' across it on StumbleUpon - the site is called Doll Boutique and they featured many lovely things on their front page, so I figured it can't hurt to have a quick look at the sales section. And I'm very glad I did!

I discovered this 'Blue Lace Babydoll Dress' and was instantly drawn to it's gorgeousness - I really love the colour blue on clothes in general, especially cobalt blue, and I loved the lace, frilly detailing. I thought this would be ideal for Spring, with it's eye-catching bright colour and light fabric - it's perfect for sunny days out!

What I loved most of all, though, was the price - I got this for £10.00 reduced from £45.00, which I think is an absolute bargain and amazing value for money considering how great it looks!

It's hard to tell but there is a zip at the back (which to my dismay, has gotten caught in bits of thread from the dress sometimes!) and underneath, a lovely satiny material which makes it extra comfortable. 

Nice soft fabric underneath!
For my shoes, I just decided to pair the dress with these studded boot wedges as seen in my previous posts - I think the brightness of the blue goes quite nicely with the nude pink colour of these wedges, but of course,  any kind of heels would no doubt look amazing with this little beauty!
Oh, and one extra thing - the dress only seems to come available in 'one size' so I took a bit of a risk with ordering this, but I'm about a size 10 and it fits me fine - I'd say anyone size 8-12 would fit nicely!

Blue Lace Baby Doll Dress £45  £10!

What do you think of the dress everyone? Are you loving lace and bright blues this season?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and have a gorgeous week!


  1. The dress is so gorgeous Emily, you looks like a doll on the pretty dress, I also loving your shoes, are so fabulous, You're just lovely and kind person for doing it for my requested, I rally much appreciated a lot. I'll take a look of their site if anymore left :. Hugs and kisses for a lovely beauty Emily.


    1. Tanya -

      Aww thank you so much gorgeous! I'm glad you encouraged me to take pictures of it, I'll have to start doing that with other pieces in my wardrobe haha!

      I think there is a few left on the website too so you might be in luck :)

      Thanks again for commenting as always, and hope you have a fab day!

      Emily x


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