Monday, 4 March 2013

Repeat After Me... I Deserve New Shoes!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Evening Stylicias!

The weekend is over, and so are my days off blogging, but I am back tonight and determined to get a new post out everyday this week!
On Saturday, I was out shopping with my mum during the day, and I popped into Matalan intending to just have a 'quick look around' (never really happens does it?) - but I found two stunning pairs of shoes that I had to get!

I've been trying to save money this month to pay off the rest of my college fees, but in my defense, I have actually needed shoes.. even though it should technically be Spring now, it's been freezing cold where I live and since my ugg boots became demolished and I had to throw them out, I've been wearing little pumps, with bare feet, and so I really needed to invest in some weather-proof shoes, preferably trainers!

Before I start talking about them, let me first introduce you to my beautiful new ballet pumps. I actually spotted these first - you can never have too many pumps, I reckon, and these were reduced in the sale from a tenner to £5, which is an absolute bargain considering how pretty they are, so I couldn't resist!

They're available in three different colours - black, a light/nude pink (like the trainers) and white. I really had to have the white though - I love the colour white anyway, but there's something about white shoes that look so elegant and stylish! And I think the  piece of gold added to the front of them particularly adds something special. I will probably be wearing them all spring/summer!

Now, onto my trainers - I pretty much experienced love at first sight with these! 

Not only do they look amazing, but they're practical too! I can wear these now when the weather isn't all sun and blue skies (though I'll probably still be terrified to ruin them in the rain) but they're ideal for me as they should keep me warm and my feet comfy at the same time! I think there were only actually two left of these in my store as well - a size 7 and a size 6, and I'm normally a size 5 so I'm lucky the size 6 fit well! There are so many things I love about it - the girly white and pink colours, the high-top design, and probably most of all, the gold studs!! (Told you, I'm a sucker for studs)

Studs on the side of the shoe

Ballet Pumps £5.00
High-top Trainers £18.00
Both from Matalan

So, even though I didn't succeed in saving money that day, I have succeeded at adding two gorgeous (much needed) shoes to my wardrobe!

I hope I have satisified your shoe lust for today - what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!


  1. Mmm they're both pretty tasty looking. I love the gold on the tootsies, what am I saying, I love gold period ;) As for the trainers, wouldn't mind a pair of them myself!
    You've got good taste ma gurl.

  2. Hi Rhian!
    Aww thanks love, I love them too! The gold is definitely what caught my eye on them - in fact gold on anything looks good!

    Thanks for commenting :D

    Emily x


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