Tuesday, 16 April 2013

8 Simple Steps To Beautiful Brows: My Eyebrow Routine!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wait, hang on. I have a piece of hair in front of my eye. Let me move that for you.

There we go!
So, these are my eyebrows. Or one of my eyebrows, I should say.
If you're a girl, like me (obviously), you'll know how frustrating eyebrows can be.

I've spent many years of my life trying to get them to look right, and it has been one hell of a journey getting there. I still remember the days at school when I would literally shave almost half of them off (why?!) tried a bajillion different types of pencils, and spent many days trying to find out where the hell my arch should be. Finally, though, I developed my go-to 'brow routine', to save me from any eyebrow crisis, and the products that work for me. Scroll down to read my step-by-step tutorial and how I get them looking their best!

Firstly, here is a guideline I made for you all that should help you in deciding where your brows should start and end - I go by this rule all the time since I discovered it, and it's helped my brows look better ever since!

Sometimes, however, I can go a bit overboard when plucking - some days my eyebrows will look better than others, for example:

You can see in this picture here from another time that they are a lot more refined - but you get the idea! My eyebrows don't always look perfect, unfortunately, but I think the only difference is that they're a little thicker in the pictures above. (I have to try and grow them out sometimes to get them back into a normal-looking shape!)

Anyway, let's continue!

What I used:

  1. I start by drawing over my natural eyebrow shape with the Arch De Triumph using the 'Taupe' (brown) end. The colour of this pencil matches mine perfectly so I'd say it's suitable for anyone with light brown-medium brown eyebrows, and it's not too harsh, so good for creating a 'base' for your desired eyebrow shape!
  2. Then, I tweeze away any stray hairs that are outside of my desired shape, using the above guideline to help me. I tweeze outside where my eyebrows should begin (the first arrow in the diagram - should line up with the inner corner of your eye and the outside of your nose). Then, to find your arch, hold the tweezers diagonally over your eye and directly over your pupil (where the second big arrow is) and tweeze directly below the highest point of your brow. Finally, to see where your brow should end, hold the tweezers from the outside corner of your eyelid (where the final arrow is) and tweeze any hairs outside of these areas (you can mark these points with a pencil beforehand if it helps!)
  3. Once I've tweezed all the hairs outside of my ideal brow shape, I like to go over the eyebrow again with the same pencil using light strokes, then apply concealer with a small shading brush (see image below). This might sound weird, but it really helps in cleaning up your eyebrow, and making it look 'tidy'. All I do is lightly dab a little concealer on the brush, then trace lightly underneath the brow, creating a line that follows my natural shape. Repeat this step over the top

    My messy (apologies!) diagram for where the concealer should go

  4. Once you've done that, blend outwards with the brush using small strokes, to blend with the rest of your make-up.
  5. If the concealer is still a little noticeable after you've used the brush (mine usually is) feel free to use your ring finger to dab it and blend in a little more.
  6. Now, because the concealer has usually made my eyebrows very light and barely noticeable by now, I'll next apply the Archery Precision Liner - I start with the felt tip end to lightly fill in my brows, then use the crayon end to define them further and create the desired shape I want. (Sometimes, if I've over-plucked, the crayon helps to create the illusion of hair that isn't really there - so very useful!)
  7. Finally, if I'm happy with how my brows look (sometimes I'll have to correct mistakes with the concealer again), I'll use the highlight end of the Arch De Triumph to smudge under the peak of my brows (right underneath the arch). This helps to accentuate and 'lift' your brows (if you struggle to create an arch, I would recommend this!) and gives a lovely, dewy, pink highlight.
  8. If I'm going for a night out, I want my eyebrows to last and look a little darker - so, I like to add a bit of powder on top of my finished brow. Powder helps to keep your shape in place, adds a more defined colour, and makes the eyebrow look softer and more natural in general (see image below).
Me before a night out - I finished with powder on my brows here!


I use The Glamour Collection's Perfect Eyebrow Kit, usually with a mix of the brown shade and darker shade of powder. I'll fill them in using the 'Full' stencil from the box - this matches my eyebrow shape the best (they have stencils for thicker and thinner brows), and then I'll finish with a sweep of the highlight powder under the arch and a quick brush of the clear eyebrow gel to help set them in place. :-)

 And that's it, we're done! 
Here's a quick recap/summary:

  1. Draw over natural shape with light brown pencil
  2. Tweeze stray hairs outside of my ideal brow shape
  3. Apply concealer under and over, and blend
  4. Fill in brows with a darker liner to define
  5. Create desired shape with dark crayon
  6. Highlight under brow bone
  7. Fill in brows with powder (optional)
  8. Set brows with clear eyebrow gel (optional)

So there we have it - 8 easy steps to gorgeous, defined brows!

You may have noticed one of my brows is slightly thicker than the other - it's not always possible to get them completely even but you can help get them close enough! (Oh, and I raise one of my eyebrows a little naturally, for some weird reason)

Extra tips:
  • To get your eyebrows looking fuller, I find that drawing a thin line with the felt tip liner upwards from the beginning of your brow helps, as well as outlining the underside of the brow.
  • Hairspray on an eyebrow brush works equally as well as the clear gel!
  • Angled brushes are best for filling in the powder - or to get a softer look in general.
  • Try to tweeze your eyebrows straight after you're out the shower - for some reason the steam opens up your pores, making it hurt less!
  • When trying to get your brows even, use a credit card or ruler and hold under your brow to figure out where each of your brows begin and where the arch is. You can then use this to see where you need to pluck/draw etc.
  • For sparse brows (like one of mine!) it might be wise investing in a mini brow razor - for example, if you find some thin hairs just impossible to tweeze. I have this problem so I plan on getting one!
  • Before tweezing, it can help to trim any long hairs with nail scissors - simply comb your eyebrow hair upwards and trim any ends that are way too long past your eyebrow shape.
  • Watch the video below for a guideline on how to use The Soap & Glory products specifically!

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial - it was pretty fun to make, and I hope my tips have been at least somewhat helpful to you!

Do you have the same problems with your brows? What works best for you? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments -  have a great day! 


  1. pretty! xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

    1. Hi Vittoria -

      Thank you! :-D And thanks for commenting.

      Hope you've had a lovely day!

      Emily x

  2. Wow! awesome Emily, You look gorgeous. The video was really helps even though a short one but still brilliants to me. thanks for the tips lovely! ox



    1. Hi Tanya!

      Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the tips, and I agree - the video's just a short demonstration but it's helpful to see how exactly we should use products to get the best out of them!

      Thanks for commenting, I'm glad I could help you :-D

      Have a great day!

      Emily x

  3. Amazing make-up! I love it:)


    1. Hi Ira!

      Thanks so much :-D I might post a make-up tutorial for my eyes on here if you wanted? I'm using the Naked 2 Palette so that may be something people would like to see!

      Thanks for commenting anyway, and have a fab day!

      Emily x


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