Thursday, 25 April 2013

Help - I'm Addicted To Pretty Dresses! Dress #1 "Tell Me About It, Stud"

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hi, I'm Emily, and I'm a dressaholic.

Good evening Stylicias! How's your Thursday going?

Last weekend, I had a thought. 

"Why on earth do I own so many dresses?"

I don't know why, and I don't really know when it started, but ever since I even took an interest in fashion, I have been obsessed with dresses.

Some people are mad about shoes - others bags - but for me, I have a serious love affair with gorgeous dresses. 

Ever heard of that film 27 dresses? That would be me, except I'm not sure I have exactly 27 dresses (I do hope not) and I don't own any bridesmaid dresses, but I do own a lot. 

Whether it's party dresses, evening dresses, day dresses, whatever, I love them all. And for some reason, I can't stop buying them. I'm pretty sure I have something close to an addiction - I keep buying them, even though I don't get to wear them much (some I've only worn once so far!). But, rather than wallowing in self-pity and guilt over the amount of money I've spent on them over the years, I then had an idea.

Why not make light out of this whole situation and showcase my collection? 

It's much better for me, and that ickling voice inside my head telling me I shouldn't be buying so many, to make a little fun out of it and myself, and share them all with you right here on my blog!

Besides, seeing as I've really gotta start saving up money to pay off my college fees, it would be a lot easier for me to play dress up with things I already own, rather than buying new stuff for 'outfit of the day posts' and taking photos of them.

This could help ease my obsession over time, help me save money, and remind me to appreciate everything I already own in my wardrobe! Let's begin!

Oh - and you all also get a detailed review for each dress, of course! I'm here to help ;-) 

Tell me about it, stud!

The Story Behind It:

I got this dress quite recently, actually, and it's from one of my favourite online stores, Missguided!

I decided on the name "Tell Me About It, Stud" because, obviously, there's plenty of studs on the dress, but also in reference to the movie Grease. Remember that last scene, where Sandy dresses head to toe in leather and repeats those famous words to Danny? The leather down the middle of this dress kinda reminds me of her outfit!

As you can see, it's very clingy, quite tight, but a great, edgy dress nontheless! It's a bodycon style, and I got it in the sale as a 'treat' to myself for putting some money into my savings account that week.

Slightly defeats the point of saving money, but ah well!

I thought this dress would be perfect for clubbing, and I'm yet to wear it out, but it's pretty cosy and you can actually move in it, despite it looking otherwise!

The only bad thing I would say about it is the clinginess in the middle. Because it is so very tight in that area, and pleather, it's not the most flattering on your stomach, unless you're lucky and have a super flat tum!

Luckily, I'm sure this could be disguised with some of those tummy-sucking pants, but just a warning to any ladies thinking of buying it  - though it could look completely different on you, who knows!

 My dress rating:

Sexy dress, but could be more flattering!

Jenell Leather Panel Studds Bodycon Dress Size 10, was £27.99, now £16.79
Fuschia Bow Platform Heels, £30, New Look

So there you have it - the first dress of my continuum collection! What do you think of it? 

Let me know in the comments - stay tuned for the next dress coming tomorrow!

Have a fab day everyone!


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  1. Aww that's a really pretty dress! I like it!

    Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

    1. Hi Ester - thank you so much, and thanks for commenting :-D

      Have a lovely day!

      Emily x

  2. Nice to meet you Emily-dressaholic! I'm Daria-bagaholic)))


    1. Hahaha hi Daria-bagaholic!! It's nice to meet you too - welcome to shoppers anonymous!

      Hope to see you coming back soon :-)

      Emily x

  3. super hot dress!

    1. Hi Claudia, thank you very much!

      And thank you for commenting :-D have a lovely day!

      Emily x

  4. Oh my oh my Emily, I LOVE it on you, you rock that cool dress. I wish I own that dress. I'm with you lol, I have an affair with them all, I own too much of every thing. That why I've becomes one of a fashion blogger, to have a chance to wear them instead to buy them and leave them in the closet ever and forget them forever like used to do.:) You and your dress looking hot sweetie. ox
    I hope all is well with you!


    1. Hey Tanya!

      Aww thanks gorgeous! You know what, that is such a good idea - it is much better for us fashion bloggers to put our 'fancy' clothes to good use and wear them for blog posts.. that way they actually get worn, haha!

      You're a smart lady Tanya!

      Thanks for commenting as always, hope you're doing well too :-)

      Emily x

  5. I love it! Hawt to trot ;D You always have such great taste in clothes, as chezza cola infamously said 'you are right up my street' LMAO, It would fit right in with that biker chic vision we have of you :')

    1. Hey Rhian!

      Hahaha aww thanks mate! You are so right, I didn't even think about that when I bought it, maybe my inner 'biker chick' is coming out again!!

      Thanks for commenting chumwag ;)

      Emily x

  6. I like it

    1. Hi Tra!

      Thank you - I'm glad you like!

      Thanks for commenting and have a great day :-)

      Emily x


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