Friday, 12 April 2013

Miss Friday's Fab Fridays: What I Loved This Week #5

Friday, 12 April 2013

Exam month is approaching, Easter holidays are ending, and I've spent the last remaining days trying be to as productive as I can be. It's been a pretty laid-back week, and I can't say I've got much work done to show for it (procrastination has been my enemy from the start of Monday!). But, since yesterday, I've managed to pick myself back up from that lazy slump, and get back on track to cracking on with some revision - thank goodness for that!

You'd of thought I'd be dreading going back to college and facing the stress of exams next week - (hey, even though I'm only in two days, I still have to do even more work at home as I get bombarded with past papers!) but, I think these two weeks have given me a long enough break to prepare myself for the next mad couple of months approaching. I'm ready, I'm motivated, and I'm determined to try my absolute best with the rest of the year I have to get through. I know I can do this!

However, it's not just my college life that I've been trying to manage - recently, I've been making an effort to improve my writing and get some feedback, so I submitted some of my articles to Tiny Buddha. Unfortunately, you have to write completely original content to get on their website, but the owner loved what I wrote, so it's a great confidence boost! As well as that, I've just been focusing on how I can make my own blog better, sorting out personal matters, and doing all sorts of self-improvement related things. I really want to start implementing some big changes into my life - e.g, getting out more, making the most out of everyday, possibly start jogging every morning... I'm still trying to overcome my 'public jogger phobia' but I'm determined to get there eventually!!

Here are my highlights from the past week...

Snapshot 1 On Saturday, I went on a night out with my best friend for the first time in what felt like ages, and I had a really great time! I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to go out, but at the moment, it looks like I'm probably going to have to wait, seeing as exams will likely be taking priority over the next few weeks - and the fact that I really need to start saving up some money! Click to see what I wore and how I did my make-up right here!

Snapshot 2 Today, I made some gorgeous Red Velvet cake with my brother, and from what my family have been telling me, it tastes delicious! I haven't tried a slice yet (though I have been devouring the icing) but I'd been meaning to make a cake for ages, and considering this was my first real try, it's not turned out too bad! I'll be posting pictures of the 'finished masterpiece' soon, and I may write the recipe for it too - would you all enjoy reading that? I know this isn't a baking blog, but doing this today has really made me wish I had one (partly because I'd have an excuse to make more cakes), but maybe I'll give it a go sometime in the future. Watch this space!

Snapshot 3 My new 'Blog Off' t-shirt I ordered from - I love it! It was pretty cheap for £6.99, too, and they also sell one in a cute light pink.

Snapshot 4 Before I went out in the evening last Saturday, my family and I went to walk the dogs in Lytham St. Annes, and as you can see, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love it around there, and I seriously envy their pretty beach (compared to our 'beach' here in Southport, it's a definite improvement!). And yes, that is my dad chilling on the grass, haha.

Snapshot 5 So, my friend has been in the process of making me a cute little graphic of myself for this blog, and this was the second stage of it (I won't show the final stage until it's done!). She's done such a good job with making it resemble my real photo, and although I've been throwing demand after demand at her for little changes I want to make (sorry! I'd make the boss from hell) I want her to know how much I appreciate it and how great it looks - so thank you :-D (It's awesome having friends who are artistic, best thing I can do is a stick-man on Paint!!!)

Snapshot 6 My beautiful dogs - this is Alfie (chocolate lab who is almost invisible) and Honey on the right. They're adorable, completely mad sometimes, but I love them so much and they're like my little babies!

This 18-Minute Time Management strategy for planning out your day, which has helped me immensely to snap out of my procrastination phase and back into the zone of productivity! It's already allowed me to get some revising done, make time for blogging, and prioritise my to-do list, so if you're always super busy and can never seem to find the time for anything you want to do, try this technique. You won't remember how you lived without it!

The new Big Bang Theory episode that aired in the UK last night on E4 - did you watch it? I wouldn't of missed it for the world! Fave. Show. Ever.

How To Meditate In A Moment - I don't normally meditate, and I actually discovered this video by googling yoga poses, but my god, it is amazing! It's super good for people who struggle to sit still for an extended period of time or just can't find the time for these kinds of things in their busy schedule. It only takes a minute and it's super effective - I promise you, you will feel so relaxed after watching!

Random acts of kindness, like my sister making me scrambled eggs and toast for tea. It's lovely when people do nice things for you without you even asking!

Making my blog resolutions - this week, I reminded myself of my blog's mission, and I've learnt a lot about certain mistakes I've been making with my blog, my experience as a new blogger, and the best ways to get your blog out there. If you've been feeling stuck with your blog lately for whatever reason, check out my article - Making It As A New Blogger: The Top 6 Blog Resolutions You Need To Make. You could find the answers you're looking for!

500 Days Of Summer - one of my favourite films, I watched it again last night and realised just how beautiful a film it really is. Not just because of the message, but the way it's been directed and the use of colours throughout the movie - I noticed that when Summer is around, everything's blue, but when Tom's unhappy, everything turns brown. Maybe because of the whole transition to Autumn - the season and the new girl. It''s so clever what you can pick up on in movies when you pay close attention!

Admiring the comfiest looking cushions ever on my interior design blog. I want them all.

This article I wrote on Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Learning How To Embrace The Unknown. I talk about my experience with 'living in the comfort zone', and why you should vow to never go back there. Ever. The possibilities you can gain are wonderful!

And lastly, this incredible short movie about a man who loves to make everybody smile. Watch it, and I guarantee your day will become 10 times better. It really reminds you of the importance of making others feel good and appreciated - it's emotional, it makes you laugh, and I was smiling the whole way through. It's old, but it's simply beautiful!

So, there you have it - my week in writing! What's made you happy this week?

Let me know whether you'd like to see a recipe for my cake, too!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend - and happy Friday!


  1. Hi Emily, I love your pretty dress, such a good color on you my darling. I was away for a week for being so sick, now I'm back so I can catch up with you :) Hope all is well with you sweetie. kisses!


  2. Great photos! Aww the red velvet cake it's so delicious!

    Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  3. Hi Tanya!

    Aww thank you deary, I'm glad you like it! The colour is lovely, wearing anything pink and feminine always puts me in a great mood :-D

    So sorry to hear you were sick too, hope you're feeling all better now!

    I've not been so well either - lying in bed at the moment as I think I'm coming down with something - hope there's not something going round!

    Thanks for commenting though, and have a lovely day :-)

    Emily x

  4. Hi Ester -

    Aww thank you gorgeous! It certainly was delicious, all gone now but I'm gonna post a recipe for it tomorrow - I hope I can make it again soon!

    Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day :-)

    Emily x

  5. Happy to hear that you're making strides to write more. Also you have some great links in here I can't wait to check out the mediation and short film. :)

    1. Hi Tiffy!

      Thank you very much! I'm glad you like them, and I really do think it's important to improve my writing, for the sake of my blog and my future career haha!

      Hope you enjoyed the meditation link, and the short film - in fact, try doing them one after the other. Bound to = instant happiness!

      Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day! :-)

      Emily x

  6. Hello luv! So I finally got round to catching up with your blog posts and I have to say the article you wrote on breaking out of your comfort zone is the work of a genius, I hope you gave yaself a pat on the back there, it really is brilliant! So well written, literally everything you said I could relate to! Keep up the good work :) oh and you're very welcome, i've enjoyed designing it for ya! Hopefully we'll be able to get it up on your blog soon! :D

    1. Hi Rhian!

      Awww thank you so much!! That is so sweet and great to hear :D I thought you might be able to relate too, it's certainly something that was relevant to my life haha! I hope it's helped you in some way :-)

      And yeah hopefully we will soon! Thanks for making it again - can't wait to see the new blog buttons you're designing too!

      Thanks for commenting old chum ;)

      Emily x


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