Monday, 8 April 2013

Shoe Love Is True Love: My Latest Addition

Monday, 8 April 2013

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to show you my gorgeous new shoes I bought last week from New Look - I know I've already mentioned them in my fab fridays post, but they're so lovely I figured they deserved their own post!

As you can see, they're a stunning fuchsia pink and gold platform heel, and I first saw them in Liverpool a few days before I eventually got them. At first I decided against them because of the price - I knew I didn't need them and I couldn't afford to be spending £29.99, so I left 'em. 
That was, until, I received an email the next day from New Look telling me about a 20 percent discount code that could be used online!

Obviously, I assumed this must be fate, and I was able to order them online for a lot cheaper - and I didn't even have to pay for postage with the 'click and collect from your local store' option!

I'm really glad I got them, as not only are they sexy as hell, they're actually pretty easy and comfortable to walk in!
That is, as comfy as heels can get (which obviously isn't a lot) but I was pleasantly surprised as they don't have me walking like a robot like most other high heels. The pink parts are a nice fabric material, so extra comfy and kind to the feet, and at the front, a cute little bow to top it all off. Perfect!

They're also available in black and silver - I think both are lovely and I would definitely recommend for a night out or simple pop of colour on an everyday outfit 

What do you think of the heels? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a fab week everyone!


  1. Fabulous! ;D I can imagine these in a purple blue. These are definitely 'Emily Shoes' :D

    1. Hi Rhian!

      Oo you're so right - I'm sure there were some in a purpley colour actually! Hahaha Emily shoes, I like it!

      Thanks for commenting :-D

      Emily x

  2. your shoes and feet but very nice dear


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