Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Wishlist: Who Likes Short Shorts?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I know I certainly do!

Whether they're denim, frayed, bright coloured, high-waisted, patterned, printed, leather, you name it - I love it!

The days have been getting warmer here in the U.K, the sun's been shining, and it's definitely making me even more excited for summer and the joyous return of shorts (without having to wear tights underneath!!).

Here are some of my favourite picks that I wish I could zap into my wardrobe right now...

1. Rag & Bone Highclare Shorts £390 - These are incredible leather shorts, and I love the cotton lace trim at the hem. I just wish I could afford them!

2. Almost Famous Kara Medium Blue Crochet Shorts £16 - I've been seeing loads of denim shorts recently on the high street with white crochet detailing, and these are lovely. Not a terribly bad price either!

3. High-Waisted Diamond Printed Shorts £9.41 - I love the diamond print on these, and they're great value for money too! However, I think this site is American, so before I order them, I'll have to check how much postage is, haha. Love 'em though! Also available in black.

4. High Waisted Light Denim Shorts £30.16 - I love love love light denim shorts like these, especially with the frayed, ripped style. They are seriously hot, so perfect for summer in my opinion! (Check out the back, too. Looks even cooler).

5. Ellington Chino Shorts £39.50 - Slightly breaking my budget again, but I fell in love with the 'Brill Pink' colour on these the minute I saw them. They have so many other colours to choose from to suit your fancy, too - including Navy, Sand, Poppy, Aqua, Bluebell, and Vintage White.

What do you think of all these shorties? Are you as excited as me to bring yours back out again?

Let me know in the comments!

Hope you're all having a great mid-week! :-D


  1. the diamond ones are amazing!


    1. Hi Danielle!

      I completely agree with you - I've never seen any shorts quite like them before!

      Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day :-)

      Emily x

  2. 1! Leather all the way, they're awesome! Shame about the price though No.4 too, frayed edges <3

    1. Hi Rhian!

      Nice choices - those two are probably my favourites, too! You're definitely right about the price being a shame, but ah well, we can dream! Hahaha

      Thanks for commenting!

      Emily x


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