Sunday, 12 May 2013

3 Reasons To Love DISCO Pants!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

3 Reasons To LOVE Disco Pants!

Good evening Stylicias! Hope you're all having a chilled out Sunday. :-)

Today, I want to talk about my love of disco pants. If you're not familiar with this huge current trend already, let me sum it up for you - it's a fashion trend coming back from the disco era (obviously) and, well, the pants are just really really shiny!

They come in so many colours and styles, there's an endless variety to choose from to suit your style. Since I'm not quite brave enough yet to be wearing bright blues or reds, I opted for a safe black pair - but they're equally as gorgeous, as you can see!

If you're thinking about buying some, or can't yet make up your mind over whether you're crazy about them, let me help you by sharing my top 3 reasons why they should be an item in every girl's wardrobe - and why I love them in general.

1. They're Flattering!
I was actually a bit skeptical about buying these at first - because of how clingy they seemed, I was worried they'd cling to any unflattering bits, but I was wrong! As they're high-waisted, they have some extra supportive material around the waist area, so it kinda conceals any bit of tummy or muffin top you might have. I'm not the skinniest and they work well for me so I'd definitely recommend!

2. They Look And Feel Amazing!

Bored of wearing the same old boring black leggings? Upgrade to a pair of disco pants. I was pleasantly surprised with these - they actually feel just like leggings when you wear them, so as well as looking fab, they're seriously comfortable too! I was under the impression I wouldn't be able to move around in 'em, but it's just like having a pair of tights on. And, well, the high shine just makes them a hell of a lot prettier than normal leggings.

3. You can wear them with almost ANYTHING!

More so if you buy a black pair, these beauties will go with near enough everything you want it to. Crop tops, baggy tee's, you name it. There is no end to their versatility! Goodbye are your days of not having a clue what pants to wear with what..
                                                                Look at that shiny bootay!

And my make-up for the day - nice and simple with a bit of blush and mascara ☺

And yep, as you can probably tell, I couldn't be bothered with my hair that day, haha..

And if you'd like to know what nail polish I'm wearing - Barry M Flamingo Pink!

Disco Pants Boohoo | Top MissRebel

Side note: I should also add, before you're thinking of buying the same ones I'm wearing, the seams on one of the back pockets has actually come off - after just one day of wearing them! I did pay £15 for them but couldn't return them as I lost the receipt. :( I still like them though!

What do you think of disco pants? Do you own a pair?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a gorgeous week everyone.


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  1. Disco pants is absolutely look cute on your pretty figure Emily, I really love your top :) so cute my deary Emily. I hope you are going to have a wonderful day. Kisses. ox


    1. Hi Tanya!

      Aww thank you lovely!! I love the top too, it's great isn't it?! Every blogger should have one! Thanks again for commenting gorgeous, hope you have an amazing day.

      Emily x

  2. Love'em! They're very flattering on you, remarkable.. ;D #captainobvious nice find! Looking very blonde there in some of those pictures!

    1. Aww thanks lovey! I know right, it did look quite blonde in them pictures :) you should see it now, much blonder!

      Emily x


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