Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hi all!

How's everyone's week going? Unfortunately, I'm still in bed with tonsillitis, so trying to find the time to blog, never-mind other things, has been a challenge! I've been too drained to do any outfit posts, beauty reviews, or tutorials like I had intended to this week, but then I remembered something I hadn't done in a while.. a Wednesday Wishlist! 

I remember I used to do these weekly, and somehow they've seemed to fizz out from my usual content. But, seeing as they're the easiest thing to do right now whilst I'm pretty much bed-bound, I figured why not? It's something, after all!

Splurge: RWDZ Alexx Studded Shorts £80
Saver: H&M Knitted Jumper £15

I have to admit, whenever I now hear any mention of the word 'twerk' all I can think of is Miley Cyrus in that awful 'We Can't Stop' video and silently cringe to myself. This top, therefore, is a guilty pleasure, but the floral print is just too pretty to not love it. I was pleasantly surprised when I identified the price for this knitted jumper - for £15, it's not a bad price at all, and looks super comfy & gorgeous! My autumn wardrobe needs one. The shorts are extremely pricey, in contrast, but there's something about high-waist and studs that I can't resist. And any cut-out designs like this black beauty? I am head over heels!

Twerkin Roses Tank Top Shelfies | Knitted Jumper H&M | Denim Shorts | Heather Black Cut-Out Crop Top CherryCherry

Splurge: Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Navy & Nude Eye Palette £38
Saver: Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter £1.79

Since receiving my first expensive (Naked 2) eye palette last year, I've become someone a little bit obsessed with combining shades and shadows. The colours in this Bobbi Brown palette look incredible, and I like the idea of how you could easily switch your look from day to night,  - nude for the day, a gorgeous navy smoky eye for the night! But since I'm a beauty blogger on a budget for the meantime *sigh* I have to make do with the good ol' bargains for now - like this Nivea lip butter.  My lips are so dry lately, possibly because I'm ill, but I could definitely do with this in my life. And caramel cream? I can almost taste the deliciousness! I still have a weakness for pinks as you can see - this Mac lipstick looks stunning, and I've wanted to try an OPI nail polish for ages. I'd just still feel a little guilty for spending £12 on any kind of nail polish!

Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter Chemistdirect | MAC Flamingo Lipstick Lustre Ebay | OPI Couture De Minnie 'A Definite Moust-Have' ASOS | Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette

Splurge: AARRGHHHH Necklace £57
Saver: Floral Pastel iPhone 4 Case £7.66

We appear to have a bit of a 'Blurred Lines' theme going on here don't we? Completely unintentional, yet I kinda like it. The bright red heels together with that gorgeous white satchel - the contrasting colours are striking! Of course I would probably never wear them together, but still, I enjoy the colour co-ordination. I think Robin Thicke may have started some kind of trend.. I don't even own an iPhone, of any kind, but for some reason, I'm always eyeing up the covers. There are so many pretty ones to choose from (added bonus if they closely resemble a Cath Kidston design) and I'll be honest, they equal at least 40% of my reasoning for wanting an iPhone. This necklace, I just love it. There are no words - except argh! 

Necklace Shop Jeen | iPhone 4 Case Aldo | Lola Glitter Sole Extreme Platforms Boohoo | Large Edge Paint Satchel Topshop

Is there anything in my wishlist that's caught your eye today? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful one my lovelies! x

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