Sunday, 4 August 2013

What I Wore On Holiday

Sunday, 4 August 2013
I'll be honest, packing for a holiday is probably one of my least favourite things to do. Shopping for holidays? Great! Love it! But  having to decide what I want to bring with me versus what I actually need, is a recipe for a disastrous, last minute stress-filled night. This year, because I usually end up bringing way much more with me than I actually need or intend to wear, I decided I would pack light. This did work well in some ways, and some ways it didn't. I found that my suitcase was lighter, obviously, and I could actually manage to lift it up myself without tumbling over. It was definitely easier packing everything back in my suitcase for the way home, and there was something so nice and refreshing about having a simple summer wardrobe of a few things you love for the two weeks you're away. What I didn't love about it? I actually found that I was running out of stuff to wear. It sounds crazy, and I didn't exactly wear everything I brought with me, but I ended up wearing only the things I really like more than once. The other stuff, the meh pile as I like to call it, barely got touched.

So, next time, I plan on saving up enough money to actually buy myself a decent haul of summer holiday outfits, so I can wear something new everyday, and something I actually feel great in! I only got snapshots of a few of my outfits, mind, as some days I just completely forgot, but here we are. These are the ones I liked the most anyway!

Bikini top George at Asda | High-waisted shorts Primark

 Tassles Bikini Top F+F | Chiffon Playsuit Missguided
 Leopard Maxi Dress Retro

Stripe Maxi Dress Primark

So firstly, before I talk about these few outfit choices, let me apologise for the poor quality of these photos, and the fact I couldn't fit my feet in. I don't have a tripod or anything like that, so I was literally using the top of a chest of drawers trying to take this. On an uneven barnhouse floor. Forgive me!

Anyway, because France was ridiculously hot 99.9% of the time I was there, I found I often just wore bikini's around the house. Until I got in the pool, I'd usually just pair whatever random bikini top I like with a pair of high waist denim shorts, as you can see, and some cute gladiator sandals. Whenever I'm on holiday, I also prefer to wear things that are light and comfortable (because the least thing you want to be wearing is something unbearably annoying to trench around in, in 30 degrees heat) so I find maxi dresses are my favourite thing to wear during this time of year, especially abroad in a hot country. I only have two, unfortunately, but next year I plan to invest in many more. My last favourite item I received as a gift just before I went is the beautiful mint green chiffon playsuit. I saw it on the website and instantly fell in love, it's the perfect piece to wear on it's own or over a bikini. I had to wear mine over a bikini, however, since I got the size 10 and it actually ended up a little too big.. which reminds me, must get boob tape!

You can probably immediately tell from these photos that I am also very laid-back when it comes to hair and make-up while I'm on holiday. It's partly lazyness, but I just believe that if you're on holiday, it shouldn't really matter if you look all dolled up everyday. You're there to relax, after all, so why would I want to get all hot and bothered trying to do my hair all pretty. I could barely be bothered with make-up for these photos! But, since my hair is very much uncontrollable due to it's frizz and even worse with the humidity, I made sure to apply an intensive deep conditioning mask called 'Frizzi' from Umberto Giannini every time I washed my hair, and lathered it with Argon Oil hair serum during the day to keep it soft and shiny. Pool water definitely did not help my skin nor my hair!

Do you prefer keeping it easy and minimal with your outfits on holiday? I'll make the exception of dressing up if it's an outing to a night market or meal!

Thanks for reading guys! xx

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