Friday, 20 September 2013

Miss Friday's Fab Fridays: Highlights From The Past Fortnight

Friday, 20 September 2013

It's Friday, I'm in love!

Hello Stylicias!

Yes, another Friday is finally here, and I've actually managed to get my 'Fab Fridays' out on the day it's supposed to be for a change (yay).

I've had a pretty busy day, even though I haven't even left the house - catching up on college work, short-listing more universities, and booking open days has taken up most of my Friday. Who knew preparation for uni could be so exhausting!

Despite my crazy schedule the past two weeks, I think things are finally starting to calm down once again. After a period of feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything I needed to do, I'm starting to get myself organised, clear my head, and learn how to deal with stress in a more healthy, helpful way that benefits me, not hold me back. And it feels good!

Also, I'm thinking of making these Miss Friday's Fab Friday's a fortnightly thing from now on. I made sure I didn't do one last week, just so I could have time to devote to other kinds of writing instead, but I think I prefer it this way. What do you guys think? Do you prefer the weekly posts? Let me know!

Anyway, here are random things I've loved from the past couple of weeks..

Cute tights - I got these ages ago from Missguided, still love 'em!  This watermelon bra I discovered in Debenhams - I have a bit of an obsession with watermelons lately I think ♥ Finally starting to feel better after my recurring onset of tonsillitis. I definitely take my health for granted sometimes!  My hair care post on getting bleach blonde ombre - I love the new result :-)  Getting through my job interview last Tuesday, and hopefully making a good impression with my smart outfit. I got lots of compliments on the dress and being able to dress like that makes me wish I had a professional job so I could do it on a daily basis!  Just having enough money in my account to enrol at college again and begin my second year. I may be absolutely skint now, but I'm thankful I can at least afford good education, haha  Cosy winter socks ♥ My tutors from last year congratulating me on my results - couldn't have done it without their help either!  These 21 suggestions for success (I genuinely think I am the most enthusiastic, positive person I know!) ♥ Hot pizza delivered to my door (Dominos is the 100% effective cure of all bad days)  Dancing around the room to my ipod with songs that instantly cheer me up  The comfyness of flat shoes - you appreciate this after a day of walking around in heels! #ouch  Laughing fits that make you feel so good afterwards  Hot chocolates on rainy days  My mum giving me her new Blackberry (that she never used) after I unfortunately broke mine. Don't know what I would do without a phone so thank goodness!  Friendly strangers who make small talk on public transport  Long, quiet train journeys  Compliments on my blog lately - hearing that others think it's good and that I write really well makes it all worth it :-)  People who genuinely care when you're upset ♥ Being able to start fresh everyday, no matter what happened the day before or in the past  Being single. I get to be independent, live life the way I want to, and enjoy my own company. I'm fully starting to appreciate it again  The experiences I've had the past few months, good and bad. They've helped me learn, grow, and become more of the person I want to be  Plucking up the courage to show my blog to my mum, and having her praise it. I wrote a full post about this experience here Lazy Saturdays  Window shopping - eyeing up all the new Autumn fashion pieces and adding them to my imaginary wishlist  Warm cups of tea  Finally making a start on my personal statement for uni - I've only outlined a plan so far, but I'm already feeling better about it!  Not getting the job I wanted in the end, but now not having to work on Christmas day or New Years Eve. And no 7am starts!  The cold weather signalling the arrival of upcoming Autumn/Winter months. Cosy jumpers, soft blankets, and movie nights in. Perfect!  Writing a future letter to myself one year from now - this website lets you do it, and you can choose when you'll get it, be it next week or in the next 10 years! And lastly, these tips on how to have a lovely day

What's made your week great? Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend - I'll see you in a fortnight! x

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  1. Followed you back dear :)

  2. LOVE those tights, they're soooooo cute.. need them :D xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Ha dominoes is definitely a cure for everything, and you dont even need to move off your seat to order! Haa its is fantastic being single, use it to yoru advantage. Now following xx

  4. Hi Daniela,

    Thank you so much! Hope we can keep in touch!

    Have a lovely day :-)
    Emily x

  5. Hi Gemma,

    Hahaha me too! They're amazing aren't they? I'm not sure if they're still in stock but you should have a look!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

  6. Hi Melanie,

    Haha, I definitely agree ;) exactly! What an age we live in, it's great! I will definitely use it to my advantage, so many people complain about it but it's our one time of freedom ,it needs to be embraced!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

    Emily x


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