Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Dress Addiction: Dress #6 Lady In Black

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hi guys! So I can't believe it's actually been over 3 months since I last posted something new in my Dress Addict series. There is really no excuse for it, I've been a massive slacker and need a massive kick up the backside. But wow, have we come back with a bang!

Looking back at my last dress addict addition, it's more obvious than ever that we're slowly transitioning into a new season. Sunday was officially the first day of Autumn, and just by having a quick browse around in all the high street stores, you can sense a new season of beautiful fashion trends upon us. The photographs in that last post were from July, and you can definitely tell we were in the midst of our summer - blue skies, green grass, and my choice of fashion being a pretty pastel pink lace dress. There was an airiness and innocence about it, a sweetness, like a flower beginning to blossom.

Now we're approaching our new season, and with my birthday month soon following in October (hello fellow Scorpios) I feel like I am ready for Autumn, and Autumn is ready for me. The sudden influx of dark colours, darker nights, and mysteriousness is getting me all excited, and I cannot wait to experiment with all the new fashion trends!

Now, I know what you may be thinking, and my mother thought this too - "isn't a maxi dress with cut-outs a little cold for Autumn?" and yes, you're probably right. However - there is something about this dress that lured me to it, like a moth to a flame, and I just had to have it. I spotted it in the Outfit sale rack on Sunday, after storming in there prior to reading the "buy one get one free on all sale items" sign in the window. I love sales like these, especially so this time because I got a really good bargain - this dress was reduced to £12, and I got a cute mesh bodysuit with it for free!!

In my eyes, this dress is perfect for Autumn. The sensuality, the slinkyness, the black. The perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. Mystery and allure.  I can't remember the last time a dress made me feel so empowered, but I love it.

And let's be honest - you can never really go wrong with a gorgeous black dress!

Dress Outfit (Miss Selfridge) | Heels New Look

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What do you guys think of the dress? Have you bought your new Autumn wardrobe yet? What is it about fall fashion you're most looking forward to this year?

For me, it's about being daring. I think this marks the beginning of a new era. And a new Emily!



  1. Oh wow you look seriously gorgeous Emily.. what a beauuuuuuutiful dress! I lvoe the cut out detail too, it's so glam xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

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  3. Hi Gemma,

    Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I love the cut-out detail too, really makes the dress something special doesn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

    Emily x


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