Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back To Beauty Basics: How To Cut The Crease

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Good evening my lovelies!

How's everyone's week turning out so far? Tonight's post is going to have to be a snappy one since I have, once again, left it until the last minute (need to stop that bad habit), but nonetheless, hopefully it'll be something helpful to all you beauty beginners!

Up until about last year when I first began to experiment with eyeshadow shades, I was completely clueless on how to accentuate my eyelids. Because of my 'unadventurous-ness' I always played it safe with eyeliner and mascara, never really trying anything new. But after watching Youtube beauty guru vids, and fiddling about with highlighters and contours, I discovered how much a little eyeshadow can enhance the beauty of your eyes.

And so, after learning the basic stepping stones to a good crease shadow, here I've compiled a list of step-by-step instructions for you to do the same, and achieve my look in the above photo. Read on to see how!

(It's simple and so easy, I promise!)


Priming the eyes prior to adding the shadow is important, not only to keep the make-up in place, but to enhance the intensity of the shades used. I cheat and use a dab of my face primer, Fix & Perfect PRO Rimmel London Primer, then apply Foxy from the Naked 2 Eye Palette (Urban Decay) all over the lids with a normal shading brush.


This is quite arguably my favourite part of the process, and so much fun to do because you really begin to see how your eyes begin to change and open up as you start applying the highlighting shade. Use a bright gold, shimmery colour, like Bootycall from Naked 2, on the inner rims of the eyelids, all across the lid, and gently under the brow bone. This works the same way as a white eyeliner does, really brightening the whites in your eyes (therefore, making them look bigger) and another great eyeshadow for this is the 'bronzer and highlight' eye palette from H&M. I used this one for ages before getting Naked 2, and it's much more affordable. I'm just not sure if they still sell them! I recommend a flat brush for this step of the application.

Apologies for the crumbs on my table!


The last, but not at all least step, is the unveiling of the beautiful crease. Using a darker shadow (a blend of Chopper and Half Baked from Naked 2 is what I personally used), right in the corners of your outer eyelids and deep into your crease bone (you can feel the underside of it when you touch your eyelid), really helps to accentuate your natural eye shape and adds some serious sexy dimension to the eyes. All you have to do is take a fluffy shading brush, (the one that comes with Naked 2 is perfect) and sweep it back and forth into the crease area of your eyelid. Keep sweeping, depending on how intense you want your shadow, and you're done!

I also like to add a little more highlighter underneath the brow bone at this step, then finish with a thin line of eyeliner pencil in the waterline of my eyes, and lashings of mascara.

I used:

What's your favourite colour combination for crease shadows? I can't decide between the peach and gold or a good old smoky eye!

Have a lovely day everyone, and thanks for stopping by x


  1. You makeup really looks fantastic! I too am one of those unadventurous people and never try anything new with my makeup! I should really try this as it looks gorgeous!


  2. Hi Emily darling! I know exactly what did you mean, I pretty much doing a neutrals tones just to be safe. but must be fun to also do the different shades. I love your beautiful blue eyes! Please don't worries at all, I have not much of free time myself either, but blogging is one of a part of our blogger's life. Have an awesome day sweetie!
    Hugs and kisses!

  3. Hi Tanya!
    Thank you so much sweety, I'm glad you understand too! It's hard work finding the time to respond to comments all the time, nevermind write new blog posts frequently!

    Hope you're doing well lovely xx


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