Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's My Birthday And I'll Blog If I Want To!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Today is officially my 20th birthday!

It's definitely a weird feeling, being 20. On the one hand, I feel no different or no older than yesterday (like everyone else says). But on the other, it's strange knowing I'm actually this old now. Twenty years ago today, I was born, and now here I am, a proper 'adult'. Whilst it's a rather daunting thought, that I'm now entering adulthood and all, I intend to celebrate the best way I can -  by staying positive and thankful for all the things in my life, and making the most of today!

Here's some wonderful snippets from the past week..

Having mama Friday treat me to some lovely shopping yesterday. Should have enough clothes to see me through to January now!  Celebrating my best friend's birthday last week, getting horribly sick and hungover, but having a great night anyway (prior to the feeling of death)  Making instant friends with strangers on nights out  Oreo cookie pie. If you haven't tried this, try it now  Chilling on the floor with my auntie's cat, Smoky  Sex on the beach cocktails!  Telling myself "I'm never drinking again" then starting again anyway the following weekend  The cute neon coral beanie I found at Forever 21 - for £2.40!  The gorgeous black and white lace dress my sister got me for my birthday - she knows me well  Going for a nice meal with my family last night at The Richmond. Food and spending time with people I love = happiness  Being saved last weekend and brought home safely whilst I was very, unstably drunk.. Are you happy now, Rob?! ;)  Giving myself a side swept fridge on the other side of my face, just for a change. It's funny how changing your hair can dramatically change how you look!  Buying someone a gift and having them love it  Getting an iPhone 5c for my birthday.. I haven't opened it yet but I'm absolutely dying to!!  Deciding against going out last night, despite how much I wanted to. Haven't broke the bank, and I'm not hungover today!  Lovely compliments on the outfits I've been wearing recently  Doing the one thing I know I needed to do this week, despite being scared out my wits, and now feeling more hopeful about the future as a result  Knowing people care  Starbucks dates with my wifey! Chocolate swirls are amazing  All the people who have wished me a happy birthday so far - thank you! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, and hope you all have a great week! x


  1. Happy birthday Emily :) xx

  2. Emily, happy birthday!!!! Wish you all the best!!!!
    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog


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