Friday, 11 October 2013

Miss Friday's Fab Fridays: Hello October

Friday, 11 October 2013

Remember that at any given moment, there are a thousand things you can love. -David Levithan

Yesterday marked the annual World Mental Health Day, raising awareness and inspiring those in need to take a step of action. It got me thinking myself about my own internal battles - ones I've overcome, and ones I'm still fighting to this day. Despite no intentions to take part in this highly important yet still highly taboo subject, I've decided to release a post this week talking about my own personal stories, in aid to hopefully encourage others to finally express their own feelings and share their troubles. Our well-being is important, and the sooner we can feel comfortable enough talking about the pain we're in, the sooner we can all start to feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Miss Friday's Fab Fridays couldn't have come at a better time. Even with everything I'm currently going through, it forces my state of mind back into the present, and back to being thankful for everything I've got going for me. At any given moment, there are so many things we can love, appreciate, and be grateful for, even when everything else seems to be falling apart. Hold that belief close and I'm confident every one of us can make it through anything.

Here are some things I've loved from the past few weeks...

Finding this cute to-do list at Waterstones. I have a feeling my productivity is about to increase just from being able to use this!  How my nails are beginning to grow long. They look so pretty with this Flamingo Pink Barry M nail polish  When my mother made Betty Crocker chocolate fudge brownies. They tasted soo good  Having a whole bag of Kettle crisps to myself #greedyandiknowit  Seeing all the Christmas decorations out in shops already. It's early, I know, but I can't deny that I'm excited  Eyeing up the mid-season sale at Kurt Geiger. Gimme gimme gimme them all.  Days out with the family - walking the dogs and being surrounded by beautiful nature is a nice breath of fresh air from being indoors!  The town I live in. I complain an awful lot about it but it has it's perks, and can at times be pretty.  Finding a bargain - this £12 little black dress I got as part of a BOGOF deal!  The surprisingly soothing powers of EFT (Emotional Tapping Therapy) it does work quite well, try it out for yourself  Days where I can motivate myself to work out. Hello instant endorphins!  The feeling of freshly shaved legs lathered in body butter. No boy will ever understand this luxury  Having 2 hours between my lessons on Thursdays to go and enjoy a tasty Subway  The people I've met in my classes and the laughs we have every lesson  Opening up to others and them doing the same  Spending an afternoon cuddling up in blankets watching cute Disney movies ♥ Trips to the cinema on weekends, even when the film turns out rubbish  The Office - making me laugh when I need it the most!  Caramel frappe's from McDonalds. They're great value and taste amazing.  Unexpected compliments. After seeing my neighbour for the first time in a while she later told me that I looked stunning, and am a brains & beauty! I had a massive grin on my face for the rest of the day  Free Philosophy goody bags at Debenhams! See my review of the products here  Coming up with a go-to list of stress busters in times of overwhelm. We all need to take a break now and then - you're welcome  The people in my life who go out of their way to make me laugh and smile  How it's finally October - my birthday month, yay!  Triple chocolate cookies. Mmm.  Feeling confident after I finished my psychology test on Thursday  Having Spotify on my phone for a brief time, and being able to listen to my favourite music on train journeys home  Having a tidy room, and instantly feeling better!  Scented candles - I have one that smells like cherry jelly belly's, it's scrumptious  Reading old journals. It's wonderful and nostalgic and strange all at the same time  Small acts of kindness - in particular my brother making me a peanut butter sandwich (without me even asking!)  Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate and their raspberry & white chocolate cookies. I love their festive drinks  Looking up at the stars. It really helps to remind you just how small and insignificant your problems are  Being able to help my sister with her psychology work. Helping others really does feel good.  Maryland cookies.. I'm obsessed with cookies lately aren't I?  Friendly cashiers  Having homework deadlines extended  Hot water bottles to warm me up on cold Autumn nights  Beating my personal best at jogging - I managed over 4 miles and I felt so accomplished ♥ This extract from The Single Woman book (it's good stuff) 

What are a few things in your life right now that you could show a little more love to?

Hope you all have a wonderful & happy weekend!



  1. Happy Friday Emily! Those pink nails looks so gorgeous and girly, I adores them so much, Sorry sweetheart, I have no time to read today, hurry for the boys dinner :)... Just wanted to stopping by quick and say "hello" to you!!! Hugs and kisses!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend darling!

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  3. helen at thelovecatsinc20 October 2013 at 19:49

    looks like you've had such a lovely week :)

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