Friday, 15 November 2013

How To Tell What Colours Suit You Best (The Really Easy Way!)

Friday, 15 November 2013
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When it comes to the colour of our clothes, I'll admit that I never really knew just how much it mattered. I knew that the prominent colour in my wardrobe was black with a mix of pastel pinks and whites here and there, but honestly, I've always been clueless as to what colour looks best on me.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you probably know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you throw things on, and they just look good on you. You can't really figure out why, and likely think it's the fitting that flatters your body shape (another obviously important factor in fashion choices, but that's for another day). Or maybe you tell yourself it's the shop you bought it from, or you've lost a few pounds, or how much  you spent on it. Or perhaps just a lucky coincidence.

Today I'm here to tell you that it is not simply a coincidence. It's not all in your mind. As I recently discovered, the colour of the contents of our wardrobes is far more important than one might think. And it all has to do with skin undertones.

If you're already confused (as I was when first reading about the underrated phenomena) - fear not! The concept is incredibly simple, but often overlooked when we're doing our clothes shopping and trying to decide what the hell we should wear today.

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Colour undertones, as more or less depicted in the name, refer to the primary colour of our skin - underneath. I know that sounds a little strange, but it is really the deciding factor in what colours look best on us.

For example, you might be fair-skinned, medium, or tan, but it's when you can work out what undertone you are that you can begin to find clothes that truly flatter you in the best light possible. Or maybe you have more of an olive skintone, and find that warmer colours look better on you. Let me demonstrate:

This article on explains it perfectly, and has excellent diagrams too, but I'm going to try and sum it up in even briefer terms!

So, to elaborate on this diagram a bit further, the basic rule you should follow, according to your skintone and undertone, is that warms should wear more oranges, warm reds, yellow-greens, browns, and ivory, and cools should stick to the other side of the colour spectrum (as shown above). If you're a neutral undertone (that is, you tend to be a mix of cool and warm) you're quite lucky and can probably get away with both warm colours and cooler ones!

But how do I find out what undertone I am? Good question. The article I linked to had a few combined strategies in finding out, but the easiest and most effective method I found is simply to check the colour of the veins on your wrist. Blue veins = cool undertone, greenish veins = warm undertone. It's that straightforward!

So, after figuring out that I'm in fact a cool undertone, (blue veins, fair skin, blue eyes) I decided that, for the next week, I am going to put this colour theory to the test.

For one week, I will actively seek out the colours in my wardrobe that, according to this chart, 'suit' me, ones that perhaps shouldn't, and document my findings. I'll take pictures, possibly even try stuff on in shops that I normally wouldn't go for, and compare the differences!

I'm quite excited to try this out, and if you'd like to have a go yourself, tag your post "the colour challenge", link me to it if you'd like, and really go crazy with trying out new colours. I'm really interested to see the results!
London Colour - Fashion photograph by Anoushka Probyn
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What colours do you think you look best in? I think for me it's blue, and looks like I wasn't too far off from the truth with this chart!

I'll let you know how I get on next week - and good luck ;-) x



  1. this was interesting to read! I would say I am A cool undertone and suit deeper pinks, bright blues, black.. but to be honest I never really look at the colours I suit, If I find something and I like the colour of it I will wear it hahx

  2. Hi Laura,

    Haha, I've been exactly the same! In fact, it's been a challenge even looking for things of certain colours this week to try out, simply because I'm drawn to the things I think look good first, rather than the colour they are.. woopsie!

    I'll have to try harder :-) thanks for commenting and have a lovely day!

    Emily x


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