Friday, 8 November 2013

Miss F's Fab Fridays | What I Loved This Week: Change, Motivation, & Perspective

Friday, 8 November 2013

"All the wonders you seek are within yourself"
-Sir Thomas Browne

Guys, guys, guys. Even though the last time I wrote on here was Sunday (which isn't great in itself, I know) it feels like it's been absolutely FOREVER. I suppose there's been a few things contributing to my laziness and lack of new content, but since I feel an explanation is owed, I'm just going to talk about that for a little bit before I start on this week's gratitude list. (Feel free to scroll to the bottom if you just want to skip to the good stuff).

It's only really lately that I've realised how much I've been neglecting my blog, how much I miss it, and how I miss the motivation and drive I used to have to get new stuff out frequently. The thing that made it click the most, I guess, was seeing other active bloggers and their enthusiasm for their blogs and content. Their success. It struck a nerve because it made me realise I was once in their shoes.. and somehow, for some reason, I slipped out of it.

I suppose every blogger goes through phases like this, at some point. Wondering whether it's all worth it, whether to even continue anymore. Just finding that initial excitement and ambition we all had when we first started doing this.

Honestly, my life has just been kind of rocky lately. As I've briefly mentioned in previous posts, it's not even just my blog that I've been slacking off with - it's been many various things. It's pretty hard for me to talk about, and I'm not blaming it on this solely or using it as an excuse, but I have been battling with depression for a couple of months now, and I think this may be of some contribution to it.

Another reason may be that my life is changing much more fast and much more frequently than it was before. Nothing seems certain or stable at the moment - starting college again and trying to keep on top of work, and now I've just got a job which I'm yet to start. The rapid changes in my life are just gonna keep coming!

But, that said, I'm not going to give up. Having a few positive things happen to me lately is what has changed my perspective, and I'm now making the effort to get back on top of things again, despite my circumstances. I want to really get back into blogging - not post stuff just for the sake of it, or half-heartedly, but really put everything of myself into my blog, produce content I'm genuinely proud of and happy to read. 

Since I am starting my new job in about two weeks, I decided now is the time to get back into the game. While I have the chance and free time, it's so important that I focus on building my blog back up once again, even with all the other crazy stuff happening in my life requiring my immediate attention. Because I know for certain once I do start work, it will take some time to adjust to that level of busyness - and so the blogging may wade off again for a short period of time whilst I adapt to the changes!

But I'm feeling hopeful about this transition, and positive about coming back to blogging in general. I'm not perfect and I'll be the first to admit it, but at least now I've recognised where I need improvement and am making the commitment to change. I can't wait to reconnect with you all again, as I know I've been lazy with the networking too, but I promise you'll be seeing a lot more of me very soon!

And ultimately, I'm really looking forward to gaining my sense of identity back. That is one thing that blogging gives us - it gets us to look at who we are, talk about our values and other things that are important to us, and well, reflect those things in our writing and photo-taking, or whatever it is that you do. Blogging gave me the confidence to be myself, go after my dreams, and be creative, and I'm sure my self-esteem will improve once I get back into things again.

Anyway, if you've even read this far, thank you so much - you're amazing and you should leave a comment to let me know!

Here's a few great things that have happened the past two or so weeks..

Having an eventful but awesome night out last week for Halloween - I went as Wonder Woman, and you can see my make-up and outfit look here  Having a lovely birthday with my family (the week before!) ♥ The arrival of Christmas lights and decorations out and about in shops already. It makes me forget I have a whole month and a bit more to wait for it!  The Body Shop's Limited Edition Chocomania body butter - reduced to a fiver! It smells as delicious as it sounds  Getting a job as Sales Assistant at Sports Direct! I can't wait to start earning my own money £££  Getting these adorable mini Yankee Candles as a birthday present. I definitely recommend Vanilla Frosting and Sweet Pea!  Random trips into Waterstones to eye up all the new books. 'The Fashion Book' particularly caught my eye - perhaps I should be investing in more books than clothes..  And lastly, these STUNNING Kurt Geiger heels I received as another birthday gift from my wonderful best friend. I am genuinely head over heels for them! (cringey yes, but true)

What's made your week great?

Have a wonderful Friday and I'll see you all on Monday!

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  1. How's my beautiful Emily doing? keep it busy and enjoy your busy life while your a young. So cute pictures post sweetie! I am so sorry about I have no time to read your post today. But at least I am here for you and love support you! xx
    Speaks later!


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