Thursday, 16 January 2014

What Defines You?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

"You are the one who decides what defines you"
Tonight, I found the video above linked through a Facebook friend under the caption "Such an inspirational lady!". Let me tell you, the words do not fall short of their implications.

Lizzie's incredible story about her syndrome, upbringing, and troubled school years fuelled with bullying and abuse has changed my outlook on my life for the better. I'll let you watch the seminar for yourself, but Lizzie's words have taught me a valuable lesson about what's really important about ourselves.

She asks the question - what defines you? It was a question I found surprisingly difficult to answer. Too often, we rely on our physical appearances as ways to define ourselves. Subconsciously, I've also allowed a lot of my own negative life experiences and beliefs to define me and my character.

As worded by Lizzie so perfectly herself, she highlights the idea that we can choose which path to go down in our lives - the bad one - full of negativity, self-loathing, hatred, anger, resentment. Or, the good - where we choose not to define ourselves by our negativity, but to use it as our driving force to create a better life. To prove those wrong who told us we couldn't do what we wanted to do, those who tried to bring us down. To live a life we're truly proud of, and to define ourselves as somebody we're proud to be, despite any mistakes, regrets, and doubts.

We all have this choice. Bad things happen to all of us, but it is how we react to these things that really defines us.

Lizzie, once labelled so cruelly by her peers as "the ugliest woman in the world" has turned things around for herself, and is now, probably one of the most beautiful people I've ever had the privilege to listen to.

What defines you? More importantly, what will you allow to define you?

I hope you all enjoyed this video as much as I did and took away it's same powerful message.

I'll probably return to watching this every time I I need to hear it!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by :-)

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  1. Happy late New Year Emily. Hope that you had and amazing one. Hope you doing great, work etc. Cant wait to hear from you. I have missed you a lot. xoxo.


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