Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge Continued: Day 20

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hello all! Yes, I'm finally back again with another update post/December blogging challenge. I really expected after finishing university for the Christmas holidays that I would finally have more time to blog, but unfortunately some other things have gotten in the way of that.

Even though I technically finished my last term of semester just last week, I came back to Preston to try and finish any outstanding assignments due in for when we get back. I managed about one day in the library before I somehow contracted the flu and have been bed bound ever since. I've even had to miss work during the busiest time of the year. Oops..

Anyway, I hope you can all understand why this December daily blogging thing really has been a challenge. I'll also be in work full-time hours the next two weeks so you can expect it to be a while before you can hear from you again.. I'm not making any promises in case I don't deliver but I will try to have something scheduled for the meantime!

Let's crack on shall we?

Day 12: A photo of your decorated house/room

I'm so annoyed right now because even after trying to pitifully decorate my uni room on a student budget, I completely forgot to take any pictures!! There wasn't that much to it anyway really apart from a bit of white tinsel and a novelty pink reindeer from Wilkos. Oh, I did add some fairy lights to my bed frame though that look pretty christmassy!

Day 13: Favourite holiday movies

1. The Polar Express - obvious classic!
2. Elf
3. Home Alone
4. The Holiday

Day 14: Fun things to do in your town during the holidays

Honestly, I can't really understand why anyone would want to come to my hometown Southport for Christmas - but each to their own! It is supposedly a tourist resort after all.

The Southport christmas markets are running until the 21st of December, we have plenty of restaurants around the pier, and the lights around town are rather nice this year, i'll admit. There's also a cinema if you'd rather stay warm indoors, and a bowling alley/laser tag arena nearby where I work! We have lots of Christmas deals on at the moment - not a shameless self-promotion there, honest!

If it were me, however, I would go to Liverpool for a Christmas day out - the shopping is a million times better, the docks are beautifully lit up at night, there's a ferris wheel, ice skating rink - just so much! See for yourself. Only a 45 minute train ride away from Southport.

Day 15: Your own tips on decorating the tree

This post is good timing since we finally got our Christmas tree today! I tried to decorate it the best I could with what we already had and I think the best way to make a tree look good is by sticking to a particular colour scheme. This year I went for a mixture of golds, reds, and whites: gold lights with a sparkle/dim effect give a look of stars, red lights and red tinsel are, well, obviously Christmassy! And white tinsel and baubles look like snow 
Rocking my sexy pj's ;-)

Day 16: A Christmas Recipe

I'm not a massive fan of mint but these mint oreo truffles look divine! Check out the recipe here.

Day 17: A DIY Xmas tutorial

Seeing as I'm not very creative I haven't been able to come up with my own DIY ideas but I quite like the look of these Christmas candle jars!

Day 18: A Christmas Day Make-up Tutorial

I'll come back to this one as a full post.. watch this space!

Day 19: A photo of you from last Christmas

Here we are! I can't get over how different I look with my brown hair! My favourite memory from last Christmas is the same as every year, all of us gathering around the telly after having roast dinner laughing our heads off at The Royal Family tv show.

20. Favorite childhood Christmas book

My dad used to read me and my brothers and sister The Polar Express book every Christmas and I absolutely loved it. It was like a tradition and my dad had the best Canadian story-telling voice. Here's a photo of one time many, many years ago - so cute!

Hope you all enjoyed this post - if I don't see you again til after Christmas, have a good one!

P.S I'm now on Facebook! Find my page here and make sure to give it a like! xox

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Trendz Touch Screen Gloves || Review

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Hey everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the lovely people at Three Mobile asking me if I'd like to collaborate with them for a new campaign releasing some gorgeous autumnal accessories. I happily agreed and they sent me some pretty pink touch screen gloves to review (I'd never actually tried out touchscreen gloves before, and since I hate having to walk around with one glove on just so I can use my phone, I jumped at the chance to try these out!).

They come in either pink or black, and I'm definitely happy with my choice of pink. I'm slightly biased as it's my favourite colour anyway, but they really do brighten up a plain winter outfit.

As for the touch screen function, I bet you're all wondering 'do they actually work?!' The good news is, they do! I was quite skeptical at first about whether they would but for the first time ever I can finally keep my gloves on when it's freezing outside and still use my phone. On the tag it says 'works for most touch screen phones' and so I can confirm they work for iPhones! Overall, they're a perfect winter accessory and functional too.

If you'd like a pair you can purchase them, (perhaps as a stocking filler or Christmas treat for yourself!), straight from the Three website.

Thanks again to Three Mobile for sending them! 

*Photos taken on Apple iPhone 5C. iPhone 6 now also available here.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge; Day 11

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Image source: tumblr

Hey guys!

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the massive delay in releasing a new December blogging challenge post. I did start it with the best of intentions, but in my defense, I have been massively busy.

It's the last week of term at my uni and so everybody's been in a last minute mad rush to get their assignments done and submitted. I am one of them!

Luckily everything that's due this week has been completed, but unfortunately I also left my laptop charger at home last weekend. Meaning I hadn't been able to update my blog until now! So at the moment I'm currently in the library eating a rather gross cheddar & chive savoury sandwich and sipping hot chocolate from a cheap polystyrene cup. Student blogging at it's best.

Let's start with a very quick recap of the past week's challenges!

Day 5: Favourite outfit I wore one Christmas

Forgive me for the crappy quality of this photo, I had a blackberry phone at the time! This red sequined maxi dress is definitely one of my favourite Christmas assembles. I got it from Missguided in the exclusive range as an early xmas pressie from my dad :-)  I feel so glam wearing it!

Day 6 & 7: Best Gift I've Given/Received

Probably the most thoughtful and creative gift I've received was from my first boyfriend. He made me a pack of cards all attached together labelled '52 reasons why I love you' and there was a reason on each one! It was absolutely adorable. This year, however, my current boyfriend got me a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a heart charm and that's my new favourite ;-)

Trying to think of the best gift I've ever given is a tough one! I've bought something nice for my best friend this year but I don't want to give it away yet as she'll probably read this :-0

Day 8: A Photo of You in Christmas Fancy Dress

I bought an Elf costume this year for work but I am yet to wear it.. so watch this space!! ;-)

Day 9: Your top 6 Christmas songs Playlist

  1.  All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey (fave song every year!)
  2.  Jingle Bell Rock - Rogue Wave (always reminds me of Mean Girls)
  3.  Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue 
  4. Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
  5. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues (it always makes me emotional and i don't know why!)
  6. Rockin around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee (i had to add a sixth ;P)

Day 10: An old family photo of a Christmas from years ago

There are no words.

 Day 11:Your Christmas wishlist

I best try keep this short!

  • Yankee candles. Lots of them. I go through them like lightbulbs were never invented.
  • Calvin Klein underwear set like this one please!!
  •  Lots of money.. being a student I am constantly in my overdraft! Even with a job.
  • For my family to be happy.
  • This t-shirt
  • Lots of Lush bath bombs.  
  • These Victoria Secret knickers!

 Phew! That should do it for now! See you soon for the next lot :-)

Em x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge || DAY 3

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Good evening everyone! How are we on this very cold winter's night?

Since I'm already late in writing another post for this challenge after only two days in, forgive me if this one is a little on the rushed side. Yesterday was full of appointments here and there, and a very important one to end with involving finally having my roots done after almost three months!!

Anyway, let's crack on, with firstly:

Day 2: Favourite holiday memory

This is a very easy one for me! It was around 2001 or 2002, I think I was about eight years old and my brothers and sisters and I had demolished through all the presents around the tree thinking that was it for this year. Little did we know there was a huge surprise waiting for us - I remember vividly the moment my dad pushed along this huge red tub/box thing across the floor and a little puppy's head popping out from inside. None of us could believe our eyes and I'm still amazed I did not just collapse from joy in that moment because I had wanted a dog forever. And this Christmas we finally got one!

Her name is Honey and although she is very old now she is still with us today, fighting cancer but at the moment lively and well. 

Day 3: Where I'd Most Like To Travel To For Christmas

Another dead easy one! I've been told New York is amazing around Christmas and it's definitely on my bucket list to spend Christmas day there one year. Just seeing the sights and all the decorations on the streets would be magical and oh my, imagine the shopping! But then again, I'd love to go to New York any time of year :-)

Do you have a great holiday memory you'd like to share? Where would you most like to spend Christmas this year?

See you all tomorrow for day 4! xx

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Monday, 1 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

The holiday season (and my favourite one, at that) is here once again! And this year, I plan to do something special.

I've made a list of daily blogging challenges for myself to complete, and anyone else is more than welcome to take part. They will be as 'Christmassey' themed as possible, and my reasoning for doing this is simply because it's fun. And also because it will probably help kick my butt into gear and get blogging daily again, at least for this month!

Here's the best I could come up with for all 31 days:

  1. Favourite winter accessory
  2. Favourite holiday memory
  3. Where you'd most like to travel to for Christmas
  4. Your best 'winter assemble' outfit
  5. Your favourite outfit you've worn one Christmas (and why!)
  6. The best gift you've ever received
  7. The best gift you've ever given
  8. A photo of you in Christmas fancy dress
  9. Your top 5 Christmas songs playlist
  10. An old family photo of a Christmas from years ago
  11. Your wishlist for this Christmas
  12. Photos of your decorated house/room!
  13. Your favourite holiday movie(s)
  14. Fun things to do in your city/town during the winter holidays (you never know who could be visiting..)
  15. Your own tips on decorating the tree
  16. A special Christmas recipe.. doesn't have to be your own. I'm not an amazing cook either ;-)
  17. A Christmas D.I.Y tutorial on anything you like if you're feeling extra creative. I'm gonna really try my hardest to give this one a go!
  18. A 'Christmas day' make-up tutorial
  19. A photo of you from last Christmas and your favourite memory from it
  20. Favourite childhood Christmas book
  21. Your favourite holiday drink (from Costa, Starbucks etc..)
  22. A photo log of a day you spent in your hometown (all the christmas decorations, for example). You can use Instagram to make them look extra pretty!
  23. 5 must-have wardrobe items for the Winter 
  24. Your plans for Christmas Eve
  25. How you spent Christmas day
  26. A kind thing you've done this year for someone else (donated clothes to charity, worked in a homeless shelter etc.)
  27. Photos of any presents and nice things you received!
  28. 5 important life lessons you've learnt this year
  29. 5 achievements and proud moments of 2014
  30. One big change you made this year
  31. Your resolutions for next year
As it's now the 1st of December, let's start with Day One!

My favourite winter accessory of the moment is definitely a cute pair of earmuffs. I had some leopard print ones last year and this year some nice white fluffy ones with knitted flowers on each side - not to mention they're also headphones! A close second and third is knee-high socks and beanie hats.

You can purchase the ones I'm wearing here.

What's your fave statement piece to wear during the cold months?

Thank you all for visiting and enjoy your December!



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