Sunday, 21 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge Continued: Day 20

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hello all! Yes, I'm finally back again with another update post/December blogging challenge. I really expected after finishing university for the Christmas holidays that I would finally have more time to blog, but unfortunately some other things have gotten in the way of that.

Even though I technically finished my last term of semester just last week, I came back to Preston to try and finish any outstanding assignments due in for when we get back. I managed about one day in the library before I somehow contracted the flu and have been bed bound ever since. I've even had to miss work during the busiest time of the year. Oops..

Anyway, I hope you can all understand why this December daily blogging thing really has been a challenge. I'll also be in work full-time hours the next two weeks so you can expect it to be a while before you can hear from you again.. I'm not making any promises in case I don't deliver but I will try to have something scheduled for the meantime!

Let's crack on shall we?

Day 12: A photo of your decorated house/room

I'm so annoyed right now because even after trying to pitifully decorate my uni room on a student budget, I completely forgot to take any pictures!! There wasn't that much to it anyway really apart from a bit of white tinsel and a novelty pink reindeer from Wilkos. Oh, I did add some fairy lights to my bed frame though that look pretty christmassy!

Day 13: Favourite holiday movies

1. The Polar Express - obvious classic!
2. Elf
3. Home Alone
4. The Holiday

Day 14: Fun things to do in your town during the holidays

Honestly, I can't really understand why anyone would want to come to my hometown Southport for Christmas - but each to their own! It is supposedly a tourist resort after all.

The Southport christmas markets are running until the 21st of December, we have plenty of restaurants around the pier, and the lights around town are rather nice this year, i'll admit. There's also a cinema if you'd rather stay warm indoors, and a bowling alley/laser tag arena nearby where I work! We have lots of Christmas deals on at the moment - not a shameless self-promotion there, honest!

If it were me, however, I would go to Liverpool for a Christmas day out - the shopping is a million times better, the docks are beautifully lit up at night, there's a ferris wheel, ice skating rink - just so much! See for yourself. Only a 45 minute train ride away from Southport.

Day 15: Your own tips on decorating the tree

This post is good timing since we finally got our Christmas tree today! I tried to decorate it the best I could with what we already had and I think the best way to make a tree look good is by sticking to a particular colour scheme. This year I went for a mixture of golds, reds, and whites: gold lights with a sparkle/dim effect give a look of stars, red lights and red tinsel are, well, obviously Christmassy! And white tinsel and baubles look like snow 
Rocking my sexy pj's ;-)

Day 16: A Christmas Recipe

I'm not a massive fan of mint but these mint oreo truffles look divine! Check out the recipe here.

Day 17: A DIY Xmas tutorial

Seeing as I'm not very creative I haven't been able to come up with my own DIY ideas but I quite like the look of these Christmas candle jars!

Day 18: A Christmas Day Make-up Tutorial

I'll come back to this one as a full post.. watch this space!

Day 19: A photo of you from last Christmas

Here we are! I can't get over how different I look with my brown hair! My favourite memory from last Christmas is the same as every year, all of us gathering around the telly after having roast dinner laughing our heads off at The Royal Family tv show.

20. Favorite childhood Christmas book

My dad used to read me and my brothers and sister The Polar Express book every Christmas and I absolutely loved it. It was like a tradition and my dad had the best Canadian story-telling voice. Here's a photo of one time many, many years ago - so cute!

Hope you all enjoyed this post - if I don't see you again til after Christmas, have a good one!

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  1. Such a cute DIY and Liverpool looks so pretty during Christmas :)

  2. Hey nevena! It really is, one of the best cities in the UK for Christmas I reckon :-) thanks so much for stopping by! x


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