Monday, 1 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

The holiday season (and my favourite one, at that) is here once again! And this year, I plan to do something special.

I've made a list of daily blogging challenges for myself to complete, and anyone else is more than welcome to take part. They will be as 'Christmassey' themed as possible, and my reasoning for doing this is simply because it's fun. And also because it will probably help kick my butt into gear and get blogging daily again, at least for this month!

Here's the best I could come up with for all 31 days:

  1. Favourite winter accessory
  2. Favourite holiday memory
  3. Where you'd most like to travel to for Christmas
  4. Your best 'winter assemble' outfit
  5. Your favourite outfit you've worn one Christmas (and why!)
  6. The best gift you've ever received
  7. The best gift you've ever given
  8. A photo of you in Christmas fancy dress
  9. Your top 5 Christmas songs playlist
  10. An old family photo of a Christmas from years ago
  11. Your wishlist for this Christmas
  12. Photos of your decorated house/room!
  13. Your favourite holiday movie(s)
  14. Fun things to do in your city/town during the winter holidays (you never know who could be visiting..)
  15. Your own tips on decorating the tree
  16. A special Christmas recipe.. doesn't have to be your own. I'm not an amazing cook either ;-)
  17. A Christmas D.I.Y tutorial on anything you like if you're feeling extra creative. I'm gonna really try my hardest to give this one a go!
  18. A 'Christmas day' make-up tutorial
  19. A photo of you from last Christmas and your favourite memory from it
  20. Favourite childhood Christmas book
  21. Your favourite holiday drink (from Costa, Starbucks etc..)
  22. A photo log of a day you spent in your hometown (all the christmas decorations, for example). You can use Instagram to make them look extra pretty!
  23. 5 must-have wardrobe items for the Winter 
  24. Your plans for Christmas Eve
  25. How you spent Christmas day
  26. A kind thing you've done this year for someone else (donated clothes to charity, worked in a homeless shelter etc.)
  27. Photos of any presents and nice things you received!
  28. 5 important life lessons you've learnt this year
  29. 5 achievements and proud moments of 2014
  30. One big change you made this year
  31. Your resolutions for next year
As it's now the 1st of December, let's start with Day One!

My favourite winter accessory of the moment is definitely a cute pair of earmuffs. I had some leopard print ones last year and this year some nice white fluffy ones with knitted flowers on each side - not to mention they're also headphones! A close second and third is knee-high socks and beanie hats.

You can purchase the ones I'm wearing here.

What's your fave statement piece to wear during the cold months?

Thank you all for visiting and enjoy your December!



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  1. Hi my lovely Em! you've came up with such a super fun ideas. You're always have such skills about writing new ideas. You should have been posted more often. But I totally understand I cannot post every day either as ever since the day one till today. I've tried and it won't fit my hectic schedule at all. I only can do 2/week:). Do your best sweetie!
    Ps, I love love looking at snow falling from my window and having a hot drink at the same time:). Hope you're doing well too darling!
    xxoo http;//


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