Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December Blogging Challenge || DAY 3

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Good evening everyone! How are we on this very cold winter's night?

Since I'm already late in writing another post for this challenge after only two days in, forgive me if this one is a little on the rushed side. Yesterday was full of appointments here and there, and a very important one to end with involving finally having my roots done after almost three months!!

Anyway, let's crack on, with firstly:

Day 2: Favourite holiday memory

This is a very easy one for me! It was around 2001 or 2002, I think I was about eight years old and my brothers and sisters and I had demolished through all the presents around the tree thinking that was it for this year. Little did we know there was a huge surprise waiting for us - I remember vividly the moment my dad pushed along this huge red tub/box thing across the floor and a little puppy's head popping out from inside. None of us could believe our eyes and I'm still amazed I did not just collapse from joy in that moment because I had wanted a dog forever. And this Christmas we finally got one!

Her name is Honey and although she is very old now she is still with us today, fighting cancer but at the moment lively and well. 

Day 3: Where I'd Most Like To Travel To For Christmas

Another dead easy one! I've been told New York is amazing around Christmas and it's definitely on my bucket list to spend Christmas day there one year. Just seeing the sights and all the decorations on the streets would be magical and oh my, imagine the shopping! But then again, I'd love to go to New York any time of year :-)

Do you have a great holiday memory you'd like to share? Where would you most like to spend Christmas this year?

See you all tomorrow for day 4! xx

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