Wednesday, 16 September 2015

MY FIRST BIRCHBOX! // August 2015 #BeautyJunkie

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hey guys! Today's post features an exciting new series I'll be doing showcasing the wonderful Birchbox monthly subscription.

If you haven't heard of Birchbox, they're basically a subscription service that send you brand new beauty treats each month, right to your front door. Being an avid beauty product lover myself, I'd wanted to try these for ages, and have been very impressed so far!

The month of August was the #BEAUTYJUNKIE special, and contained many exciting goodies. Here's my review on each of the items and what I loved about August's birchbox. Enjoy!

The August 2015 Birchbox was designed with lots and lots of tiny emojis all over the box, which I absolutely loved. But not just any ordinary emojis:  these all featured things related to beauty such as compact mirrors, lipsticks, hairdryers, love hearts, and more.

As soon I as I opened the lid, I was greeted with a large sheet of stickers with emoji's to put on wherever I want. I've already added a few onto the back of my iPhone and they look fantastic! :) Such a cute idea.

So you must be wondering, what was in the box? Let's begin with the fortune scrub, clarifying shampoo, and exfoliating face cream...

Here's what Birchbox had to say about the products:

1. Rituals Fortune Scrub | Worth £10

There's no need to choose between your exfoliator and your body wash thanks to this invigorating shower scrub. The uplifting formula is packed with Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood to slough away dull skin and reveal fresh, beautifully-scented skin beneath.

How to use:
Once or twice a week, massage onto damp skin using circular motions then rinse away.

My Verdict:
Gorgeous scent, especially if you love the smell of oranges! Really worked well at removing dead skin and had my skin feeling lovely and smooth. I always use before tanning or shaving :-) it is rough though, so apply gently!

2. Kebelo Clarifying shampoo | Worth £13.95

When product build-up and styling stress have left your strands looking dull, this deep cleansing shampoo is set to be your hair care saviour. The gentle blend of ingredients detox your hair and scalp, leaving your tresses feeling soft and purified - a fresh start in a bottle!

How to use:
Once or twice a month, massage a generous amount into wet hair concentrating on the scalp, then rinse away.

My Verdict:
I was really surprised that you only need to use this stuff once or twice a month, but I suppose that will do wonders for making the product last! When I washed my hair with this the first time I didn't notice anything drastic happen, and it has quite a neutral scent. However, after using it a second time, it definitely has made a difference to the appearance and health of my hair. My hair's especially prone to damage so this will come in handy!

3. Huygens Exfoliating Cream Birchbox Exclusive! | Worth £17.90

For a truly flawless base (a la Ms Carter herself) it's important to slough away dead skin cells to prep your canvas. Gentle enough for daily use, this creamy scrub uses rice powder particles to smooth and purify - without irritation.

How to use:
Massage a coin-sized amount into damp skin using circular motions, then rinse away.

My Verdict:
It's hard to find an exfoliating cream that doesn't leave your face looking red and sore, but I think we may have found one right here. I wasn't expecting much from this tiny tub but I was pleasantly surprised as my face was practically glowing after the first use! My only complaint is the size of the tub and how I will probably use it all up quickly, but it's a fantastic little item :-)

Inside the Huygens tub
Checking out the ingredients ;-)

Up next, a fabulous little blush and bronzer!

4. Lord & Berry Blush in Lotus | Worth £17 (Left)

Naturally flushed, rosy cheeks are the quickest way to take your complexion from so-so to oh-woah! Thankfully, this suits-all-skintones shade is perfect for adding that flattering pop of colour - and it's silky texture blends beautifully for a seamless finish.

How to use:
Use a fluffy brush to swipe onto the apples of your cheeks - build up the colour for a more vibrant hue.

My Verdict:
This blush is a little darker than the normal shades I'm used to, so I got a bit of a shock the first time I applied this as I used way too much and looked a little clown-like! However, applied with a bit of modesty, the colour is lovely and really enhances your overall make-up. Don't be fooled by the picture above though, the lighting doesn't quite do it justice: in reality, it's a dark pink shade.

5. theBalm Cosmetics® Balm Desert® Bronzer | Worth £15 (Right)

Come rain or shine, the best way to wake up your complexion is to create the kind of glow that only a week in the Bahamas could achieve! This fade-resistant forumla gives skin a fresh, sun-kissed look that lasts and lasts (without having to step foot on a plane!)

How to use:
Using a fluffy brush, dust over cheekbones and temples for a natural glow.

My Verdict:
Again, this shade is a little too dark for my pale skin, and one brush too much can end up making my face look dirty! That said, it's an excellent little bronzer where a little goes a long way, and is perfect for contouring. I like to use it under the cheekbones, down the sides of my nose, temples, and jawline. I just wish the sample size wasn't so small that my brushes can't fit into it!

And lastly, last month's extra beauty bonus..

6. L.Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder | Worth £11.50

Whether you're off to the gym, prepping for a night out with friends, or just want to switch up your 'do halfway through the day, you'll never be caught short with one of these handy, metal-free, hair ties in your bag.

How to use:
Use this sturdy hair elastic to tie up ponytails or secure braids without any snagging.

My Verdict:
When this isn't in my hair, which is pretty much only about 10% of the time, it's on my wrist. I think this one of the best hair bobbles I've ever used as it really is what it says on the tin: it doesn't snag or pull my hair when I tie it back, it's comfy, and it's hard to lose with it being pretty thick! I wear it when I'm putting my hair half up, or tied up completely. Great product :-)

The little bag of beauties

So there we have it! I hope you all enjoyed the August edition of my Birchbox review series (and apologies for being so late with it!). Stay tuned for the September edition which will be coming up very soon..


Fancy yourself a BirchBox next month? Visit their website, fill in your details, and voila!


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