Thursday, 3 September 2015

This Foundation Could be a Game Changer

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Do you ever come across a beauty gem so wonderful you immediately felt the compelling urge to write about it?

True Match Super Blendable Foundation from L'Oreal Paris has made me feel this way. 

After somehow losing my favourite brand of foundation last week, Dream Satin Liquid by Maybelline New York, I was desperately on the hunt for a new one to replace it. Using Rimmel London's BB Cream as a sole substitute wasn't quite living up to the job: I have very problematic, acne-prone skin, and whilst it worked well as a primer, it did a poor job of covering up my blemishes. :(

Instead of forking out another £8 on Dream Satin, (seriously, why is drug store make-up so expensive these days anyway?) I opted for the £1 cheaper foundation True Match. I'd seen adverts for this one on the TV in the past (even though the labels on the counter claimed it to be 'new') and I'd never considered trying it. For me, finding a perfect match to my skintone isn't the biggest of my worries, so I didn't feel inclined to purchase it. My biggest problem is trying to find one with good coverage, but hell, was I impressed with this!

I chose the lightest shade (C1 Rose Ivory) and think this bared the closest resemblance to my natural skintone. My skin has a slight pink undertone to it and I am very fair, so the foundation colour matches almost perfectly. In the image below of the product on my hand, it does look slightly darker and slightly more yellow than my skin. However, on the face, it blends in pretty easily and I can usually get away with wearing a slightly darker shade as it is normally difficult to find one to match my skintone completely.

As well as the colour looking natural and not orange in any way, the coverage of this foundation is seriously impressive. I'll admit, it's pretty hard for me to give a genuine review of any skincare product or make-up as my skin is naturally difficult, and so none of them ever really work fantastically at hiding all my spots and acne scars. 

However, this one worked a treat and covered about 90% of the blemishes on my face. It glided on smoothly, didn't feel too heavy on my face, and didn't start to flake away from rubbing it in. It has a beautiful, smooth consistency which makes applying it feel effortless, and smells pretty nice too!

As it is of a thin consistency, it did begin to sweat off during a day at the gym, but otherwise, I have no complaints. I'm more than used to having to reapply my foundation throughout the day so this one is no different to the others in that regard. 

I think what makes this foundation special is the broad range of shades they have to match every body's skintone, and because they have such a good selection, it gives off the illusion of a flawless, perfectly blended complexion. It doesn't look too cakey when applied which is an important factor for everyone to consider when picking a foundation, so I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

Consistency (texture, smoothness, scent, ease of application): 
Skin colour match: 

P.S Since writing this, I noticed that the Boots price and likely original price of the foundation is £9.99. I got mine for £7 in Tesco so shop there to save yourself some money!

What's your favourite foundation? Have you tried this one and love it as much as I do? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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