Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Highlights

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hey guys! Don't worry, I'm not dead and I haven't forgotten about my blog. These days I have so much going on with university and other commitments that I've really struggled to find the time to devote to writing on here. I mean, I guess I could have kept posting short articles, but I'd rather provide you guys with quality than quantity. Rushed work is never good! And even though I've now finished uni for Christmas, I still have about four different assignments due for January, so that's where my priorities will have to lie for now.

That said, this month I've decided to share some of my best moments of 2015 and the past 12 months in general.

Every year I like to do a little round-up and reflection of the past year. I think it's good to look back at what you've achieved and what went well: too often we spend our time worrying and fretting over past mistakes, things that may happen in the future, and being too caught up in our current problems that we forget about how far we've come in our own personal growth and development (even if we still have a long way to go).

I encourage you to do the same - here's to you and a very happy new year!

At the start of the year i had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends. My dog Honey, who I had practically grown up with had reached the end of her life but she passed surrounded by those who loved her and will forever cherish the memories and happiness she brought. I bought some gorgeous yellow flowers to put on her grave and a labrador Pandora charm to remember her by. RIP  February saw me ditching the bleached blonde hair for a big change with vibrant cherry red! I loved it and my wild red hair phase. I swear hair colours do determine your personality.  Uni has been eventful this year to say the least! I started my second year this September but made sure I made the most of the last few months of my first. I particularly loved mine and Georgie's spontaneous trip to Manchester, where neither of us had a clue where we were going. I now live with her and she is the best vegan housemate you could ask for  Re-connecting with an ex! Never expected anything serious to happen out of it but I am back with the guy I met over two years ago. His name is Daniel and he's also my best friend and will tease me for how soppy this is.  Spending more time with family, and meeting extended family. This year has been full of highs and lows in the family department, but the biggest highlight by far was going on holiday to Ireland to meet all my distant relatives. The irish are so welcoming and hospitable! (I gained at least 5 pounds just from two weeks of being there ;-)) - It's also a stunning country!  This year I ended up working at about 4 different places! I left my job and PB family at Premier Bowl to concentrate on uni for a little while and find work in Preston instead. They gave me a lovely sending off at my leaving do and I still miss them dearly! After that I worked at a pub/nightclub, a home and department store on a customer service desk (eek) and had a temporary contract working Xmas eve and Boxing day shifts at Next. I've yet to find somewhere I want to stay for a long while, but I'm hoping 2016 will have something in store for me..  Speaking of jobs, 2015 has definitely been the most financially challenging yet. I've had to deal with being practically broke and relying on others for support as I jumped from job to job and was unable to settle, but it's definitely taught me the lesson of gratitude and that money isn't everything. That said, I intend to sort out my bad spending habits next year and save up lots of money for a rainy day!  This year I had a bit of a falling out with my best childhood friend Rhian, but as always, we are back on and stronger than ever. We drifted apart slightly due to individual circumstances but now we make the time for each other again and our friendship has thankfully blossomed! ♥ Going to the Trafford Centre in Manchester for the first time since I was a little girl with my boyfriend. I finally got to shop at Victoria's Secret and Hollister which has always been on the bucket list, and I had the honour of dining at Five Guys. Best. Burgers. Ever. ♥ I haven't had the time to read as much this year, and have mainly dibbled and dabbled out of self-help books (at the moment I'm reading Mindgym: Give me time - highly recommend for people who struggle with time-management like myself!) but as there was no wifi at our bungalow in Ireland I had plenty of time to read 'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham. It's a fascinating memoir and extremely funny yet thought-provoking.  Going back to brunette, then back to Ombre... I'm thinking this is the hair colour I will stick with for a while so I can let my hair grow long again!  Looking after my boyfriend's adorable husky while he went on holiday with his family. It didn't start off well as he slipped off his lead whilst me and 3 others tried to catch him, but he is an absolute sweetheart and I love him like a baby.  Being there for my sister's graduation. I was so proud and it was so nice to have all the family together for such a lovely occasion (and delicious meal afterwards at Las Iguanas). Hopefully I will follow in her footsteps! ♥ Having a blast on Halloween, helping Daniel do his Jack the Skeleton make-up and dressing myself up as a zombie/dead Alice in Wonderland  Going to see the musician Lapsley with my lil bro at The Deaf Institute in Manchester. It's not often we do things together but our similar music taste has provided an opportunity to bond - thanks for the free ticket Aidan! ♥ This year I suffered a slight relapse of seasonal depression as the demands of uni became too much and too stressful, but I'm so thankful of all the support from my friends and family through this difficult time in my life. The workload is nothing more than overwhelming and I've had a million thoughts of dropping out, but I've had so many people encouraging me not to give up. Trish, if you ever read this, you helped tremendously: thank you!  Having a lovely Christmas with my family despite having to work at 6am the day after and eating my entire body weight over these holidays  Writing a feature for my student newspaper where I had to wear no make-up for a whole 7 days! You can read it here  Celebrating my mum's birthday yesterday and the special lady she is ♥ 


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