Monday, 18 July 2016

Personality Match: Putting My Relationships to the Ultimate Test!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Hey guys!

Today I have another exciting review for you all, featuring the brand new Apple Store and Android Play Store app 'Personality Match' - built by the creative minds at PersonalityPerfect.

This app basically allows you to find out just how well you actually get along with the people in your life: be it friends, co-workers, even current partners. It works by firstly getting you to take your own customised personality test, where you answer a series of questions in regards to your personality and lifestyle - and then provides you with an in-depth analysis of your personality type, your strengths and weaknesses, and more.

You then have the option of matching your results with your friends once they've also taken the test, and allows you to look at the areas in which your relationship thrives.. and which areas could be worked on!

As a previous psychology student already quite familiar with certain personality types and very interested in learning more about myself and others, I decided to take a look at the app for myself and see what it had to say about me (as well as my friendships and relationships).


After answering the 30 questions, my Personality Test result showed exactly what I expected: an INFP (Introverted, iNutitive, Feeling, Perceiving). INFP's are also referred to as 'Idealists' and the description of this personality type and characteristics within the results could not have been more accurate. According to the test..

  • I love life and all the good that comes with it
  • I am spontaneous and quick to adapt, but hard on myself over perceived failures
  • I love to be around people and am naturally warm and compassionate
  • I am highly intuitive and perceptive, and good at making people feel comfortable
  • I strive to make the world a better place
  • I avoid hurting people's feelings but can sometimes be too controlling (very true!)

When I clicked on the 'MORE' button at the end of my list of characteristics, I got a more in-depth discussion of my personality traits which I was not expecting. 

I definitely agree with the perfectionist parts and having a strong value system, and it was nice to see that my personality type often make talented writers. I've always preferred written expression over verbal and this would make sense as to why I seek a career in journalism and enjoy blogging!


The next part (and of course, the even more fun part) involved using the 'Match' feature. I thought it would be fun to try this out on a friend, first, so I chose my best friend of many years to take the test herself and match her results with mine. 
As the results show, Rhian and I got a very good match for compatibility! Our energy, information, decisions, and lifestyle levels are more or less on the same spectrum and could explain why we've had such a long-lasting friendship. Clicking the 'More' button describes different areas of similarity in more detail, and was again scarily accurate!

Next, I had to see how compatible my boyfriend and I were according to Personality Match. Watching him take the test after me was fun and it was enjoyable comparing our results afterwards. We both didn't expect there to be a great compatibility score between us, as we are actually complete polar opposites (he's an extrovert and I'm more introverted, I'm more sensitive and he's more grounded etc.) but the results still surprised us..

From my phone, the match results showed that we scored a pitiful 58%, whilst Daniel's result showed a 61% for compatibility! I'm not sure if this is a glitch on the app, or simply means that I am more suited to him than he is to me, but the result is still within a bad range. One little feature I noticed after matching with Daniel is a table that shows what the percentages mean:

According to this, then, I should 'Run Away!' from my relationship, whilst my match with my best friend is 'one of the best'. That said, after reading the more thorough analysis of mine and Daniel's differences, it doesn't seem all so doom and gloom. It seems in a way that our differences could help each other to better ourselves and our relationship, as we could actually learn a thing or two and seem to admire each other's qualities.

The only thing I slightly disagree with here is the idea that I don't mind a messy house.. I can't stand it! But, I do prefer to live a more relaxed lifestyle, and everything has got to be perfect and orderly with Daniel. But, as the analysis says, I can learn from my boyfriend's logical thinking and decision-making abilities, whilst I can help him 'slow down' and become a better listener.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing around with this app. It's helped me learn a thing or two about myself as well as some things about the people close to me in my life. I would like to see some more questions on the personality test and maybe a number of different tests related to the different aspects of people's lives (with advice on careers and relationships tailored to specific personality types, for example).

I think it would also be interesting to have the option to match with people on your Facebook who might already have the app, also - without needing to invite them first.

For a free to download app, I genuinely think it's brilliant, especially with the amount of information they provide you - about your own personality, and compatibility with others. There is an in-app purchase to view your 'complete' match results - common frustrations and how to improve your relationship, etc. For only 79p I would definitely consider buying this, as it seems like my relationship could benefit from it!

You can download the app now on the Apple Store or Play store, and take your Personality Test here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments if you decide to give it a download and what the results say for you :-) x

This post was sponsored by PersonalityPerfect

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