Saturday, 6 August 2016


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hi  guys! Today I'd like to feature a guest post written by the lovely Zara Lewis from HighStylLife. I had the option of choosing which article of hers I would like to publish on my blog and I went along with the body self-confidence tips as I'm sure we all struggle with insecurities from time to time, and it's important to reflect on that and make the appropiate steps: whether it be by changing your way of thinking or simply taking the time to replenish your body and look after your health. Enjoy! x

Our body self-confidence suffers a lot due to society’s beauty standards and continuous media pressures. Just think photoshopped models on the covers of magazines, overwhelming tips and tricks on how to lose weight in just two weeks, rigorous diets and body shaming. Fitness campaigns that have the famous bikini body in their focus caused protests and negative reactions around the globe. It’s crucial to preserve healthy attitude and discover how you feel about your body and what you want to change in order to feel better. Don’t let others shape your self-image with their criticism. There are ways you can boost your body self-confidence.
Pamper yourself

It’s important to treat your body right. Arrange home spa days for yourself: enjoy scented bubble baths, nurturing body lotions, manicure, and pedicure. Your body will look and feel good after pampering.
Wear flattering clothes

There are many different body shapes. In order to look and feel your best, try out different clothing styles. Emphasize your curves or body parts you’re proud of.

Perfection is overrated

Women are prone to extreme self-criticism and harmful self-image. Unrealistic beauty standards cause women to skip summer activities such as going to the beach or enjoying the pool. You need to realize that “imperfections” are completely socially constructed. Look around you and see what real women look like. This is the first step towards body acceptance.
Work out (but not just for the looks)

Unfortunately, gym has become another place for body shaming where you unwillingly compare yourself with others, which can truly crush your spirit. Never ever do that! And never exercise just for the looks. You should reprioritize your motives for hitting the gym: do it because it feels good, because it’s healthy and most of all - because you are blessed with a beautiful, functional and powerful body and you owe it to yourself to keep it that way. This shift in perspective will make a huge impact on your self-esteem. If you’re unsatisfied with your weight, then commit to working out and healthy dieting. The main way exercising impacts your self-confidence is this: your body changes because of your own efforts. It’s always hard to start, but here’s a comforting fact: studies have shown that it takes around two months to form a habit. Endure that long and it will become a part of your routine. Whether it’s going to the gym, combining mindfulness and practicing yoga, cycling or running: do it for yourself, not for others.

Be unapologetic
You should not answer to anyone when it comes to the choices you make for your body. There are no universal body standards: being satisfied with your body doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny or athletic, having a small nose or large breasts. It means feeling comfortable in your skin and defining the things you want to change so you can work on them and become happier. If you’re really struggling with some parts of the body or even experiencing some health issues, there are several ways to handle them. Plastic surgery is one of them. Medicine has progressed and with innovative technology, you can get adequate support and care in order to feel better about yourself. For example, one of the today’s common procedures is breast reduction, mainly because of the health issues (physical discomfort, back, shoulder and neck pain) and aesthetic reasons. You shouldn’t suffer through emotional and social distress if there is a way to solve your problem and improve the quality of your life.

Self-confidence must come from within. Make sure your self-love is unconditional and acknowledge that you have the power to change your body.

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