Thursday, 26 January 2017


Thursday, 26 January 2017


I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I had a really good night out in my student town. Wherever we decide to go, there always seems to be something better going on somewhere else: better music, better drink offers, better themed nights in general...and by the time you actually find out, it's the morning after whilst browsing through the photos you're not tagged in on Facebook - adding a nice bit of FOMO to your pre-existing hangover!

Thankfully, there may finally be a solution to all of this. Three lads from my university (University of Central Lancashire, located in Preston, for specifics) came up with the brilliant idea of Impulse North: a website that allows you to see where the best clubs, pubs, and bars are hiding, and tailors each venue to a certain night in the week so that you'll never miss out on 2-for-1 cocktails again.

"Built by students, for students"

Three students with no money making their dreams a reality. From left to right: Will Taylor, Dan Collins (both studying Business Management), Kev Strachand (studying Games Development)

The guys got the idea from the very same problem that we all know too well: sitting in a bar, wondering where to go next, and having that very decision shape how the rest of the night turns out. With their student budgets, they managed to scrape just enough together to start up their company from scratch, and create a platform for the students of Preston to turn to when their nights are in need of rescuing. 

And of course, it caters to every students' needs: whether it's a low-key casual drink you're after or a pre-drinking session, your societies' monthly social or a heavy lads/girl's night out, Impulse have got you covered. You can choose between the 'bars' and 'clubs' categories from the homepage, and be immediately greeted with an aesthetically pleasing collage of the best venues in your category. You then select whichever one catches your eye to find out more, along with a brief bio of the venue, opening times, contact info, and location provided by Google Maps. No more ringing up and last-minute google searches finding somewhere that's still open: you have the encyclopaedia of nightlife right at your fingertips.

Treehouse Bar

Blitz Nightclub

Impulse North has also been branded as a 'night-out equivalent of Just Eat', and, speaking to the Lancashire Evening Post, Kev, 27, said "We set this up in my bedroom and lived off pasta to fund it, but it's been worth it". During their first debut TV interview, Will, 24, explained why being the prime target market themselves has given them a huge advantage in their journey: "We're all students, we know exactly what students like. Clubs and venues don't necessarily have the inside information that we have". Nothing worse than buying a ticket off a promo guy outside a club and discovering it's absolutely deserted inside!

"We have future development plans to release an app both for IOS and Android"

There really is so much to choose from and explore on the website, it makes planning those occasions (or spontaneous benders!) that much easier. Dan, 20, revealed the exciting prospects Impulse has in store for the future, with a potential app downloadable straight to your device, as well as plans to expand the website nationwide, to every city with a university. 
If you're not studying in Preston, you can keep up with their Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates. Who knows, the next city to launch could be yours!

If you are a student in Preston already, be sure to check out the website for yourself and make your next night out a one to remember.


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