Monday, 4 September 2017

Summer '17: A Recap in Pictures

Monday, 4 September 2017


As we wave goodbye to the Summer, I've already been thinking about what kind of resolutions I'd like to make for next year (bit early, I know). I guess, for the moment, I'm entering a period of retrospection now that a few things other than the season of sun has come to an end. After studying all throughout the summer (minus a small 7-day break in the Greek Islands) I have finally finished university. With this also marks the end of torturous stress and unorganized chaos, constant financial dread, and the small glimpse of independence I experienced living away from home. 

Rather than looking at everything as the end of a chapter, I've decided to re-frame it as the beginning of another. A chance to re-gain that independence, spend more time with family and friends, and focus on my own personal goals. Perhaps revisit the hobbies I often neglected during my obtainment of a degree (such as writing, reading, blogging), as well as improve my physical (and mental) health by pursuing what makes me feel joy.

I'm taking baby steps, one of them being this blog post - where I've decided to provide a nice little recap of my summer in pictures (whilst making it somewhat related to fashion and beauty!). I've mainly written this for my own enjoyment - to bask in the memories I've made over the past few months and avoid the miserable melancholy that accompanies the cold weather - but maybe it can provide some entertainment for you, too.


May is the beginning of Summer, right? I'm not sure whether that's officially its starting point but for the sake of this post I'm beginning my recap there. Well, almost.. two of the images here are technically from April, but May was pretty uneventful it seems!  As part of Oxfam's #foundinoxfam campaign, I took to Instagram to show off some pretty pieces I found in Oxfam's Crosby store (bottom left and top second-to-left). The floral dress is from Topshop (£5.99) and made me feel so tropical. The white playsuit (£4.99) made me feel like some kind of hybrid tennis/golf player, but I loved it anyway!  The cute 'send me dog pics' cropped tee was a little gem I discovered online, after searching for a cheaper alternative to the amazing pieces on - I got this on Etsy instead ;-). ❤ The beautiful white lace dress, also pictured above (top left) unfortunately suffered its inevitable fate on a messy night out in Southport - the zip flew off of the back and has been irreparable since :( (RIP).  After deciding to do some touristy things in our hometown, my best friend and I embarked on a random trip to the Pier, where I discovered this rather artistic and Instagram-worthy 'LOVE' stamp. Nice.


June was by the far the best month for me. I finally got to visit one of the countries that has been on my bucket list forever, Greece! Although the heat was unbearable it really did not disappoint with the amazing views, hotel balcony, and glorious beaches. I absolutely adored my Shell bikini top from Primark, mismatched with some mint-green Ted Baker bottoms.  June also marked the way overdue submission of my dissertation. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into it but I'm glad I made it out on the other side.  Some more milder positive moments involved cute lunch outings with my Mum, and splashing out on some fab new gym clothes❤ Nothing quite like it motivates you to work out!


July was another jam-packed month for me. Celebrating my brother's 21st at Chiquitos enlightened me to the wonderful palette of Mexican food (I'd never tried it before, believe it or not!) and I am officially converted.  Taking Kiba, my boyfriend's gorgeous husky to the beach for the very first time was also a memorable experience - he seemed to love it, asides from the long, sweaty walk back up the sand dunes. ❤ Staying at my Auntie's for a week granted me some quiet study time, coupled with some much-needed bonding with her adorable cats.  Going to London for the Citadel festival with my bro and sis was a challenge in itself (London is pretty but I hate the transport!) but the actual music acts and fun we had made it all worth it - only about 4 years later after working at Creamfields I have finally attended a festival!  Another new for me was a night-out in Wigan (whilst wearing my cruelty-free make-up from NYX and Revolution - top left ;-)) - it really was nothing like I expected and the rumours are true - it's a great time.  July was also the month where Southport hosted The Open, and instead of getting tickets my boyfriend and I paid multiple visits to the little golf exhibit in town where you could get tips from pro-golfers, play mini-games, and laugh at how incredibly bad at golf you are. 


August err'd on the side of mundane due to the pending assignments I still had to complete for uni, and involved me shutting myself off from the world for the most part. ❤ However, I did manage to visit ANOTHER city (Leeds!) for celebrations of another friend's birthday. The actual night was a bit of a let-down, but the hotel was a significant step-up from the hellhole we tolerated in London. It was nice to get myself dressed up again :-)  Moving back home made me realise that my bedroom needed a serious makeover. I'm not kidding - the clutter underneath my bed consisted of crap that I'd accumulated since high school! But, it's looking much better now, for lack of a decent pic. ❤ I also managed to completely re-vamp my desk - adding free printables for inspiration around my workspace makes a huge difference to my productivity.  A less successful venture into variety occurred when I attempted to dye my hair pastel pink. ❤ As you can see from the bottom right, that didn't turn out quite as subtle as I'd hoped. Luckily after a few washes my hair was salvaged and I got that very subtle pink I had sought out.

All in all, summer 2017 hasn't been a terrible one, and I look forward to making the last few months of the year even better. What are your plans for the upcoming months?



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