Friday, 18 January 2019

Month/Year in Review: December 2018

Friday, 18 January 2019

"A toast to the old you: if you feel inspired to use the new year to help you reset or change habits: great. And yet: The old you has survived every terrible day, every hard thing, every awful circumstance, and every heartbreak you've ever felt. The old you is a fighter. And that's worth celebrating."
-Emily McDowell

Around this time last year, I wrote a little piece on picking yourself up after falling into a slump: specifically, getting yourself through January and fighting those post-Christmas 'blues'. It was surprisingly inspiring and motivating to go back in time and re-read my own advice, whilst acknowledging  how far I've actually come since last year. 

2018 was challenging, but I managed to get through it. Feelings about the future were prominent: there was uncertainty at every corner as I decided to choose myself and end a long-term, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship. I was also a fresh graduate and had no idea how soon it would be before I found myself settled into a career, etc. It was definitely scary and uncomfortable and ultimately nerve-wracking.

Thankfully, since that time last year, I'm doing a lot better. I found myself a new home, a new job, and things have been looking up. I'm still dealing with my own shit, but I can confidently say I'm happier with myself and life in general now that 2018 is over. I'm looking ahead to the future with a bit more clarity and optimism and it feels great: bring on 2019!

With that said, here's a look back at some happy moments from December - see ya round 2018, you were a wild ride.


At the beginning of the month, I spent the day at Chester Markets in the hopes of gradually getting myself into the festive spirit. Unfortunately, the majority of the time was spent attempting to shelter from the rain in any way possible - usually by hiding away in a pub or two prompting an unplanned bar crawl all the way home, but I had fun nonetheless. It definitely helps that Chester has some great little bars and spots to eat, including Urbano 32: the club sandwich was incredible and as messy to eat as it looks!

Late Nights

It wouldn't be Christmas without showing yourself up on the Xmas Work Do', would it?! I spent a lot of time in Preston this month, mostly due to work but also for the nightlife! I wore this festive-looking blazer dress from Boohoo and I absolutely adore it. I'll probably end up recycling this outfit all year round I love it that much.. also, shoutout to Gee for letting me Air BnB her gorgeous apartment for 2 nights!


Christmas really is the main highlight of December, let's be honest (unless you're a total scrooge). I decided to spend a few nights at home with the family during the holidays, which was lovely, despite falling ill with the flu on Christmas Eve! We're a pretty close-knit family (of 7 - the house was never empty while I was growing up!) so it was great spending time with them again - and my sweet dog, Alfie, of course!

Mum's Birthday

My mum's birthday was on the 29th of December, and despite still feeling like death, I pulled myself out of bed anyways and went for dinner at The Cheshire Lines in Southport - really cute little pub that's dog friendly - to my delight! Oh, and the pink gin didn't go amiss.

New Year's Eve

This New Year's was the first I got to spend with my Preston uni pals, and we decided to do something a bit different and give Bongo's Bingo a try, which was ridiculously fun! It's really as mental and fantastic as they say it is, despite winning nothing but a hangover the next day and barely making it to midnight.

Goals for 2019

Source: @howdoyouadult

I kinda gave up with making concrete New Year's resolutions a couple of years ago: somewhere along the way they became more generic and vague, with goals like 'be happier' - you get the idea!

This year, however, I'm giving myself at least three, concrete goals I reckon I can actually achieve if I put my mind to it. Nothing too crazy or unattainable like 'skydive' or 'learn Spanish', just things I actually want to do whilst aiming everyday to leave my toxic habits behind me! (See pic above).

1. Learn to Drive

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but given that I'm now 25, it feels like it's time I finally learn to drive and get my license. This one shouldn't take the whole year, either, but you never know - the sooner I can start driving the better!

2. Get a Tattoo

I've wanted a tattoo for ages but being horribly indecisive and having a very low pain tolerance has stopped me from going through with it so far. I think I've finally come up with an idea that has some meaning behind it, though - it's just a case of actually going to an artist now and finding a design I like. Either way it's happening this year because having a tattoo is just one of those things that's been on my bucket list for too long!

3. Travel More

I know, this genuinely is such a generic, cliche resolution, but after not going abroad last year (or even having a 'proper' holiday) I'm so keen to make it happen this year! Luckily I already have a trip planned for the Lost & Found Festival in Malta at the end of April, so that's something to look forward to, but I want to get some places booked for the summer and around my birthday in October. Watch this space!

Em x


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