Launched in 2013 as a spur-of-the-moment 'what the hell is a blog anyway?!', Emilicia Style has become somewhat of a sanctuary of everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related. I use this space to ponder my thoughts, share personal snippets of my life, and provide everything from make-up reviews, hair tutorials, and general advice for other women my age range (or men - I don't discriminate!).

 As a recent English Language graduate in her twenties, I'm at that weird phase of my life where I'm an adult but not quite, and have no clue what I plan to do with my life - as I'm sure a lot of others can relate! Here you can read my about my journey, and amuse yourselves over my equally-as-weird and thought-provoking everyday shenanigans.

Don't be a stranger - I love reading comments and getting to know my readers. You can connect with me on my social media pages Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and email me directly at emilysarahfriday@gmail.com for business enquiries - or even to just say hello - and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can also have a gander of my latest post right here.

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